Hire Me!

Katrina Queen Unique Shanks is available for speaking engagements, solo and group spoken word performances and more. The prices listed below are negotiable under certain circumstances (ie: charitable causes, audience networking potential, etc.) and prices may fluctuate according to venue size, ticket sales & number of attendees. For a specific quote please call the business contact number (305) 771.1QUN, (1786) or via email at QueenUnique@gmail.com and we will return your message within 1-2 business days.

Please note all fees DO NOT include travel and accommodations (hotel, round trip airfare and/or ground travel) and must be covered by the organization or individual booking the engagement. Our team of skilled travel agents are on stand-by and willing to work with you to find the best pricing, please inquire.

Samples of my work and videos will be added soon, please stay tuned. The following topics are available to be presented in any format:

HERStory: Building the Queendom
Single Motherhood: Finding a Balance Between “Mommyness” & Your Dreams
The House that Eye Built: My Vision of Personal Branding
Poetry -vs- Spoken Word (performance, lecture or both)
Perpetual Ascension: I Am Woman
Natural Hair as a Lifestyle, Not Just a Fashion Statement
How to Mix Oil & Water: Business & Personal Advancement through Social Media
Volunteering is the NEW Black! Why Giving Back is Vital & Rewarding

Poetry & Spoken Word Fees:

  • $100*: 30 minute full spoken word feature (this is a local fee)
  • $200*: 30 minute spoken word performance, 30 minute poetry workshop with Q&A (local fee)
  • $500*: 239 Acoustic Affairs showcase with DJ (additional artists available for $75 each) includes internet promotion and marketing (depending upon venue capacity)

Speaking & Workshop Fees:

  • $50*: 60 minute webinar
  • $200*: 2 hour workshop & PPT presentation (this a local fee)
  • $300*: 2 hour speaking engagement, PPT presentation, handouts and Q&A session
  • $500*: 4-hour speaking engagement with workshop, PPT presentation, handouts and Q&A session
  • $800*: 8-hour speaking engagement with workshop, PPT presentation, handouts and Q&A session

Additional Services from Queen Unique

  • Personal branding consultation (1 hour telephone conference)
  • Group social media training (one on one sessions available also!)
  • Blogging for your business and brand (promotions, giveaways, etc)
  • Internet promotions marketing campaign (I promote your business/product)
  • Voice-over work (commercials, audio books, etc.)
  • Spoken word feature for CD’s, movies, etc.
  • Freelance writing assignments (magazine columns, resumes, essays, songwriting, etc.)
  • More services available, please inquire

NEW! QU Internet Promotions Management!

Need someone efficient, skilled and dependable to establish, build and manage your company’s internet presence? You’ve come to the right person! I have developed strategic leadership and decision-making skills in web marketing and social media. With over 4 years of intense experience in the development and implementation of strategies for increased knowledge of products, websites and web site traffic through search engine placement, advertisements and posts as well as advanced management of email marketing and enhancing brand awareness using the Internet, PCs, Microsoft Office, etc.

Your company’s presence on the World Wide Web will not only remove the cap from your potential visibility but this opportunity will catapult your organization or product to the peak of cutting edge information technology. The skilled businessman recognizes the benefits of providing an interactive customer relationship offering real time details of services thus increasing additional revenue thru social media. Your business information can be accessed with the click of a mouse to a limitless global audience or a targeted demographic. Advertising your services online cuts the costs of yesteryear’s traditional media as well as printing, preparing and mailing literature and the slash the high cost of travel expenses that are normally required to expand your market reach.

Your investment includes 10 hours per week dedicated to establishing and updating the following accounts: Twitter, Twitpic, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and email inbox management and newsletter blasts. Packages are contracted and billed in advance by length of time as follows (EDITED: Email me at queenunique@gmail.com for an estimate to fit your company’s budget!):

  • 6 months: $– ($– per week)
  • 3 months: $– ($– per week)
  • 1 month: $– ($– per week)
  • Week to week: $– per week

Contact me to find out how I can take your web presence to the next level!

*Aforementioned fees may fluctuate according to venue size, ticket sales and number of attendees.

Local fee = this fee applies to all cities between Orlando and Miami


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Most High blessed, Sis. Respect.


  2. Venom says:

    Most High blessed, Sis. Respect.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Purple Momma would like to talk to you~ You know my number! Kiss!

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