FAQ: New Natural Hair Transitioning…


As of late going natural is the new trend & I get NUMEROUS questions from my new naturalista sistas about my crown of nearly 6 years. I decided to put ALL the info into one resource so its easier thus, this blog! Now please understand, THIS IS WHAT WORKS/WORKED FOR ME. There are no promises because we all have different hair types & textures but I’m more than willing to share some of my tips for transitioning. Here goes…

• Transitioning is going to be frustrating and annoying and will send you AND your hair into shock. Your hair will break, shed & become a tangled heap of dry tumbleweed & your self confidence will be tested but your determination & patience should be strong enough to endure this. At the end of the day, how bad do you want it??

• Moisture & maintenance are vital. Keeping your hair in braids, double strand twists or box plaits during this time will save you from ALOT of panic. Moisturize between these braids/plaits/twists every day as often as possible. My moisturizers of choice are coconut oil here & there and a Glycerin/water mix daily. This is 2 parts pure water, 1 part Glycerin (from a whole foods store, has a sweet scent) in a plastic “misting” bottle (mist is better than spray, the hair absorbs the thinner amounts easier)

• DO NOT sleep on or pack down your hair. It will be a matted mess & frustrate you directly to a barber’s chair or back to the creamy crack! Before bed, moisturize generously and braid your hair down (nothing fancy) into 4-6 cornrows & a satin scarf. I still do this every night even now!

• My deep conditioning product of choice is 100% pure coconut milk. Yes, the kind you can buy at a grocery store. You can blend it with essential oils, mayo, eggs and/or avacado. I’ve been & still am a product junkie but the REAL natural products are the ONLY items I’ve been consistent with. My goal is to only use products on my hair that are safe to eat/consume.

• If you DO buy products, become a label freak. Read. Read. READ! If you can’t pronounce most of it, why use it??? Avoid ingredients like mineral oil & ANY type of acid or alcohol.

• Drink LOTS of water, eat healthier and take daily vitamins and biotin. I take prenatal vitamins (safe to use at any time for women) and 5000mg biotin. Eat more veggies, fruit, fish & chicken and get into this new smoothie trend. Natural is a way of life, NOT a trend or style! What you put in directly affects what comes out so if you eat junk food you’ll have junk hair & nails. Just keepin’ it 100, don’t shoot the messenger.

• Because I work full time among other endeavors AND I have a 13yo with a SUPER ‘fro & a 17yo I’m working on transitioning, I don’t have much time for my own hair so I cut it every 1-3 months or when I take out a protective style. This length is most manageable for me so I try to keep it here to spare time & energy. When you’re transitioning, don’t be afraid to cut the dead/permed ends off as your new coils grow in. You’ll see a very distinct difference between the two and instantly realize your natural hair is healthier, stronger & more beautiful than ever before.

Hope this helps, any more questions or concerns email me & I’ll do my best to address or direct you to a resource that can. Congrats & happy napptural journeys sistas!



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One Response to FAQ: New Natural Hair Transitioning…

  1. nativesun803 says:

    You’re as beautiful as ever Queenie! 😉

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