ELEVATE the Conversation for National HIV Testing Day

If you live in a predominately black city, behind every 100 doors you will find 70 African American men & women infected with the HIV virus. HIV is the worst enemy of our friends, families & lovers but even with these statistics slapping us in the face from every angle, we STILL pretend its not reality.  Well, it IS so I’ve collaborated with the Black Women’s Health Imperative and some of the greatest blogging sistas around the globe to ELEVATE THE CONVERSATION.

ELEVATE is a national campaign to raise awareness about black women and HIV by challenging women across America to increase their knowledge and understanding about this epidemic, to get tested and most of all to take the effective steps in protecting themselves.

“We must be more committed than ever before to examine the realities  of the lives of Black women; help shape and influence personal and social change in our communities; and, seek new and different ways of thinking and talking about this epidemic.

The Black Women’s Health Imperative is one of 19 national partners funded under the Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiaitve (AAALI) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to engage and encourage the Black community to: 1) learn more about HIV and how it is transmitted; 2) know their HIV status by getting tested and encouraging others to get tested; and 3) talk openly, honestly and often about HIV within their families and social and support networks.” -excerpt from the ELEVATE website

This brings us to today. June 27th is National HIV Testing Day established and implemented by the National Association of People with AIDS. NAPWA was founded as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in 1983 and advocates for the lives and dignity of more than a million Americans living with HIV/AIDS. They are also creators of the newsletter A Positive Voice and a few other movements geared to encourage us to know more about our HIV status. This is a group of individuals who are aware that knowing is half the battle.

Let’s level, I won’t re-post statistics and drill any more details into your head through this blog because I’m more than sure you’ve heard and read them all. All I will ask is for you to join the fight and spread awareness by being tested, getting informed and/or spreading the word. Re-post this blog and follow Black Women’s Health/Elevate on Twitter for additional resources. If you are in my local Southwest Florida area, you can find a a list of HIV testing sites here or visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website, type in your zip code and find all locations in your area. Arm yourself with knowledge!

Please see the links to ALL the bloggers who have collaborated and written posts for this movement below. Thanks in advance!

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One Response to ELEVATE the Conversation for National HIV Testing Day

  1. Love it!! Especially the history lesson on NAPWA. 🙂

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