My Review: Reebok EasyTones

Okay so being the busy woman I am, a few months back, I realized I needed all the help I can get staying in shape. I discovered the Reebok EasyTones and figured eventually I’d snag a pair and give them a try. I live only a few blocks from my job and was already utilizing that time as exercise to and from work so these didn’t require any extra time dedication. I purchased them on February 18th and have been wearing them almost every day since. My other few sneakers do not stand a CHANCE now and I recommend EVERY woman to get a pair of these. After only a couple days walking them, I could literally feel the burn in my legs and thighs and within 2 weeks, the toning was definitely visible! So here’s a short review answering the main questions I’ve been asked over the past few months. If you have any more questions, put them in the comments and I’ll address them as soon a s possible. Thanks for reading!

Can you run in these shoes also?

I do not run in these shoes, they are a WALKING shoe so use them as such. I also do not use them on treadmills or machines as they are most effective when walking outside. Oh and I’ll warn you now, these shoes will spoil it for any others because you will NOT wanna walk without them!

Are they off-balance or hard to walk in? Can I stroll in these shoes?

Vary the terrain you walk on and apply pressure to the heel, stand straight & walk like you want it, this is a workout, not a stroll in the park. Tighten and flex your muscles as you walk to add an extra oomph to every step. These shoes actually force you to balance more when you step and may even improve posture.

Will I get the same results with a cheaper shoe?

Remember: you get what you pay for! So if you get a cheap version of something, you’ll get cheap results. Its for your body, spend it! I got mine on sale from the Reebok outlet and a friend was buying a pair also so the second pair was SUPER cheap.

Will they make me lose weight?

I don’t believe these shoes were created for weight loss but I can see where the comfort level would encourage you to walk more often thus shedding more pounds. When you’re wearing them, its like you’re walking on air!

They’re not the cutest shoe, do they have a more stylish version?

I will admit, these shoes aren’t the most fashionable things around but eventually I found myself adjusting my wardrobe to be able to wear them more often and I am also considering buying them in black.

Do they sizes run smaller or larger?

The size is fine. I wear a 10 and I purchased these in a 10. They did not need any breaking in and they do not make you feel off balance.

Has there been any improvement in your butt/legs?

I do see drastic changes in my thighs, hips & calves but nothing in the butt area yet so to make up for it, I have recently incorporated squats in my home workout routine.


Not Worth the Price                     Worth the Price
No Difference                                  Big Difference
Runs Tight                                      Runs Wide
Uncomfortable                               Comfortable
Non-Durable                                  Durable

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