“Dark Girls” Documentary & My 3 Most Beautiful Dark Skinned Sistas

Mr. Bill Duke (Photo via Google Images)

“Dark Girls,” A Documentary About Dark Skin Prejudice and How It Affects DarkSkinned Black Women” was directed by African American actor, director, producer and writer Bill Duke (aka Juice) and D. Channsin Berry is set to premiere in October 2011 at the International Black Film Festival in Nashville. After watching the clip, I was intrigued and compelled to repost it here. I am UBER excited and cannot WAIT to add this to my collection.

Now in conclusion, I’d also like to take a quick moment to post three pictures of the most beautiful dark-skinned women in the world (in my opinion) after the jump. Personally, I have a fascination with dark-skin and even (if I dare say so myself) prefer my men dark skinned. With that being said, isn’t this the same philosophy but reversed? And if so, why is it not viewed as negative also? When men say they prefer light skinned women, they are shunned but if they say they love dark skinned sistas, they’re celebrated. I’ll tell you what I believe the difference is: its the negative undertones when making the comparisons. I can say I love dark skinned men without tearing down light skinned men & calling them names. However, when someone says they prefer light skinned, they tend to back it up with insults towards the opposite. Why? Feel free to sound off in the comments. Thanks for reading! Click the jump below for the video clip, pics, links and more…

#3: The absolutely beautiful and classy Kenya Moore (who tongued my future husband David Banner in The Confidant and I'm a bit salty but still intrigued by her) (Photo via Google Images)

#2: The incredible Miss Kelly Rowland (who the media, thanks to her single "Motivation", has finally placed where I believe she ALWAYS deserved to be, at #1) (Photo via Google Images)

#1: The breath-taking Sudanese British walking artistry that is Alek Wek. I'm speechless everytime I see a photo of her and I swear on all the King's horses she MUST have the smoothest skin on earth. (Photo via Google Images)

FLASHBACK: Just in case you missed it, I’ve explored a very similar topic after watching a video entitled A Girl Like Me by Kiri Davis video in 2008. CLICK HERE to read more.

CLICK HERE to join the Dark Girls FaceBook page for release dates and more info





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3 Responses to “Dark Girls” Documentary & My 3 Most Beautiful Dark Skinned Sistas

  1. AB Clay-Cross says:

    Just the portion that I saw was soooo moving. I come from a family of Dark skinned people. Our mother always told us that we were beautiful and I think all the women in this piece are beautiful. I have felt their pain but now I know Whose I am and Who I am. I can not wait to see the documentary in its entirety. I encourage my sisters to lift their heads because they and all my black sisters are BEAUTIFUL…..period. This comes from just one your black brothers.

  2. shereeb says:

    I can’t wait to see this documentary. I think Black is beautiful period. I love all the different shades we represent as a people. To me dark-skinned people are just as beutiful as any other color. I think everyone should just embrace their own unique qualities no matter what it is and if pretty brown skin is what God blessed you with rock it. I have a friend who has three kids, two dark-skinned and one bi-racial and she shows special attention to the bi-racial child because of his lighter hue. It saddens me because I think parents should teach their children to love theirself regardless of how dark or light they are. They can then carry an inner strength and confidence into the world and when they are exposed to prejudices they can rest in the fact that they love their uniqueness enough to not let what someone say bring them down. Black is beautiful:-)

  3. Choc says:

    I am at work now….and for the last few weeks have been pulling up different websites about Bill Duke and Dark girls..unfortunetely..I cannot hear what is being said on the trailor…I have been following the issue of colorism and intra-racism sense I have been a senior is high school..I am 32 years old….When I grew up, I attended magnet schools which allowed me to go to school with blacks, whites, mixed, and hispanic kids…Not once in all my years of schooling was I ever put down by Whites, Mixed or hispanic kids…My tormentor in elementary school had a jerry curl, glasses, and butter teeth..She had the ability to make people laugh…especially at me. As a child, I knew deep down that she was really jacked up..I never had the heart to defend myself…She toowas a black girl, but about a shade or too lighter…but what’s funny is that she hung with a dark-skinned girl…but she was pretty and wore all the name brand clothes..so she didnt get the backlash I did…
    I saw this woman at the age of 25…..we knew each other immediately…
    When she saw me…she smiled and hugged me….which threw me off guard…(sometimes she was cool..most times not)..but what really tripped me out, was that she had just had a baby…and her baby was beautiful..but he was very, very fair skinned…almost white..with blue/gray eyes…So at that very moment I forgave her..you knw why…because someone was at her home making fun of her…She too was insecure about her skin color…and i think that’s why she ended up with a fair skinned child….She hated herself…and she wanted me to hate myself too..
    I grew up in St. louis, Mo..I believe tht alot of people here are colorstruck and stuck in a slave mentality…I dont knw everyone..but on a regular i run into some of the most negative, evil, and wicked people I have ever seen in my life….I have heard it all; From being clld Blackie, skillet, tar baby,darkie,Midnight,African booty scratcher….and my absolute freakin fav: You are a pretty Black girl…or you are sooo cute to be dark……

    My grandmother kept me alot as a child…She was born in Mississippi….she used to always tell me to stay out of the sun….I never could understand why…I thought she hated my dark skin at times…But I realize now, that she was trying to protect me….
    She was trying to shield me from hurtful attitudes and comments from my own people..
    We didnt wake up picking cotton people…..We can vote…..We have the freedom to make our own choices and not have somebody tell us what we need to do;
    Our spirit was not “beat out of us”
    We were not left scarred, abused, or defeated…
    One of my best friends’ is light -skinned with long hair…We wld go out..and she wld get all the numbers..Im talking like, she’s casual..and Im dressed to impressed; …I always knew the skin color thing played a part..but I was not confident and it showed….I was putting out a vibe that said, :” Im not good enough…no one wants me…”..I didnt go out with my friend to clubs for almost 5 years…..
    but, she went through it too…people teased her for being light…but put her on a pedestal at the same time..I went through years of confusion…See, I never wanted to be light skinned….I just wanted to be treated the same, and accepted by my own people…Like I am special too….Black women here are sooo hateful….we dissect each others hair, skin color, and clothes….we dont uplift ..we put down..
    Join me in saying, “enough is enough!”; to me..Oprah is beautiful…To me..Whoopi is beautiful…to me..Halle is beautiful too….I am done letting ignorant people in society…tell me who I should be and how I should look….My skin runs deep baby…and it has a history…So, if you are dark or light..and have experienced this sick twisted notion…..its time to hold your head high…and start a new trend…you say black girls are ghetto,…loud, & have attitudes…Its time for all of us to be Proud..I mean…..we have a black president! that alone makes me want to say….F the haters……I can be anything I want to be…including beautiful…We didnt wake up picking cotton people..and for that I am thankful…I thank my mother for giving me life..I thank my Dad for blessing me with my hair texture( thick thick and mo thick..and my skin color…(Hot chocolate!) we need to start uplifting each other..and making each other feel good about ourselves..who else is going to do it! Instead of pointing what we dont like..lets point out the positive things….
    We didnt wake up picking cotton yall…lets start acting like it..peace love wisdom. Choc

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