Queen Latifah’s “Queen of Hearts” perfume


LOVE the bottle design!

If you’re a bit slow on the perfume tip like myself (I’m just not that into perfumes), you probably had no clue that Queen Latifah released yet another perfume “Queen of Hearts” in August 2010 (her first was “Queen” which was released in 2009 and I may grab this one also just for good measure). Now although I am not a fan of perfumes, I am a HUGE fan of this sista, her street smart to business saavy evolution and the empire she built starting from a microphone (sorry Nicki M. but Queen Latifah IS the first to have done so, you betta recognize), I’m willing to take one for the Queen! I will hit you up with a review after I get my hands/nose on a bottle (hoping to win one from the Bella’s Beauty Spot contest but I am willing to purchase a bottle if not). Click below to find out more about the fragrance and/or stay tuned for my review…

Click HERE for her first fragrance “Queen”


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One Response to Queen Latifah’s “Queen of Hearts” perfume

  1. Patricia Brim-Wright says:

    I love the perfume. I found it and it was very reasonable. Everywhere that I have looked for it now it is really expensive. I am allergic to frangance except that, that is purchased from a national department store. I used this and has not had a reaction. It is very mild and not too loud. People ask me what I have on and I hadn’t smelled it since I put it on. I love this perfume now when I come across it and it is reasonable I purchase as many as they have. This is a five star in my book.

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