“Go Nappturale” -5/2010 article by Queen Unique

The Old Me. But remember: Everything that LOOKS good on you ain't always good FOR you!



An occasional clump of bonding glue.

A whole lot of black gel.

Weave after weave.


This was my weekly routine up until early 2007. My natural hair was mangled, unmanageable, flimsy, and unhealthy and my edges were almost non-existent. This is the story of my life and the majority of my sistas. I made the decision to go natural in 2007 without the support or approval of most of my family members and friends. Many of them even questioned if I had lost my mind. My answer? No… I’ve found it.

2010 - After 3 years transitioning

After suffering through the trials of the transition process for two years; I finally wore my afro out for the first time in recognition of Black History Month 2010. I had finally unveiled that inexplicable freedom and strength that celebrities like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and India.Arie had always expressed but I never really comprehended. The Big Chop was done (due to a miscommunication between myself and my barber) in April 2010 and although I was a bit disappointed at first, I soon realized this served as a second chance for me to document and share this journey with the world and possibly inspire black women and girls to do the same. I seized that opportunity and began my video blog (vlog) series via YouTube discussing everything from maintenance to natural hair care, diet, vitamins, product reviews and everything I have and am yet to discover in my research along the way. I have never been more enthusiastic or pleased with any hairstyle in my entire life! Yes it influences your persona just as a long, straight ponytail makes some women feel more seductive or the way you would wear a simple wrap or a bob to a job interview in order to coordinate appropriately with your professional appearance.

2010 after "The Big Chop"

Anytime I wear my natural, unaltered, God-given hair I feel empowered, inspired, sexy, unique and just that much more culturally aware as if I’ve broken yet another link in that mental chain of the mainstream media’s forced misinterpretation of “beauty”. My hair is healthier than ever before and I wouldn’t change it for the world and I guarantee if you have this conversation with any woman who has gone natural, she’d tell you the same thing. Now, this is not in any way to come down on any woman who has chemically-treated hair because I feels my ALL sistas are beautiful and we are all originated from the same roots but that seed has been planted and we’ve been force-fed false images and stereotypes for so long we can’t see anything besides what is before us. But your heritage, your history and your culture lies in what is behind you. Care to join us?

-by Queen Unique (May 2010)


About Queen Unique

Involved Parent/PTA Member Connoisseur of SOUL Music Lover of ALL things BLACK Poet/Spoken Word Artist Nostalgic Hip Hop head Graphic Artist/Painter Online Radio Hostess Motivational Speaker Habitual Hair Braider Freelance Journalist Random Twitter-er Selective Blogger Published Author Youth Volunteer Choosey Lover Autism Activist Visual Artist Bookworm See full bio at: www.QueenUnique.com
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