10 Confidence Boosting Tips for your Natural Journey

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I decided to go natural via transitional styles nearly four years ago but I did the “Big Chop” this past April 2010. Since then I’ve chatted & conversed with LOTS of women who are apprehensive about doing the big chop for fear that they won’t be attractive without the long, straight hair. My question is: “do you really believe your face is that bad??” Ladies, seriously, where’s the confidence?! Its our best attribute! Beauty lies in our actions, attitude, lifestyle and features NOT in our hair length. So I decided to out together a list of what I believe are the top 10 tips to help boost your confidence for your natural journey/the big chop and rocking your TWA (teeny-weeny afro). Hope you all enjoy it and don’t forget to share with another natural sista!

10. OUT with the OLD, IN with the NEW! Throw out all straight hair extensions, wigs, bonding glue, perms, etc. Anyone who is a recovering addict knows NOT to have what they were addicted to in their home or anywhere around them. BEAT TEMPTATION!

9. Find a store that specializes in natural foods and products, sign up for their email list/VIP and visit the store OFTEN. Get familiar with the staff and attend events, sales, etc. My favorite is Whole Foods Market, the one nearest me is in Naples, Florida. Click here to find one near you! If you have a favorite beauty supply store that you’re in good with already, let them know about your journey and suggest products you’d like to see in the store to the owners/managers. You’d be surprised at how much these stores may value your business!

8. Surround yourself in “naturalism”! Attend natural hair conferences and events, read natural hair blogs, watch videos, buy natural hair magazines and art, listen to music that uplifts and supports beautiful black natural hair. Surround yourself in the natural movement so it absorbs into your mentality and the way you feel about it will be affected.

7. Figure out what works for you. What style fits your face and head, what moisture and washing routine is best for your hair texture. Experimentation is key but stay away from mineral oil, petroleum, alcohol and wax based products.

6. Moisturize!! The Glycerin and pure water mix are my LIFE! When I first went natural, I was watching videos thinking: “NONE of these girls have hair like mine, they all have a more mixed girl, curly type hair!” BOY was I wrong!! Truth is, with the proper care and maintenance, your hair will tame curly and soft JUST LIKE THAT!

5. Exercise regularly & add supplements and vitamins into your daily routine. My favorite two are Biotin and Prenatal vitamins. Not only will you see improvement in your hair health but also your skin and nails!

4. Drink plenty water & change your diet. Research and eat foods that are good for healthy hair and skin. Eliminate junk foods and eat more fish, wheat products, raisins, etc.

3. Get yourself a man and friends who support & respect the natural hair movement. Surround yourself in people who encourage and understand the journey, especially your man. I mean, if you’re overweight, would you want a man who ONLY dates slim chicks and has ZERO interest in women your size? Think about it. I’m just sayin…

2. Buy PLENTY accessories! Invest in all colors and styles of big, artsy earrings, multi-shaped bracelets, headbands, clips, barrettes, flowers and hair deco, colorful eye shadows, make-up and most of all, start taking care of your skin! (photo: Rachel Stewart Soul Honey Afro Disc Earrings at only $18.99! CLICK HERE for info/buy now)

1. Most of all: CHANGE YOUR MIND. Remember YOU MAKE THE HAIR, the hair does NOT make you so YOU determine your level of confidence! The natural journey is NOT just a fashion statement, it is a LIFESTYLE! Change your attitude, improve your outlook on life, overdose on positivity, learn more about your culture and history and then: SHARE IT!! Listen in on Dead Prez showing love for the natural sistas!!


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