The International Black Man Film Festival

A festival highlighting films that explore the trials and triumphs of Black men worldwide.

  • See great films
  • Youth Open Mic
  • Talks by filmmakers, activists and experts
  • Networking
  • Be in touch with filmmakers and film lovers
  • Free refreshments!
  • All free!

DATE: Sat.20.Nov.2010 Noon-9pm Atlanta, USA

The International Black Man Film Festival seeks to use film to express the trials, triumphs, and vision of the Black man worldwide. The Festival seeks to be a part of the transformation of the Black man himself, his family, his community and the world.
— offer a variety of films showing Black male culture and style, creativity and spirituality, problems and possibilities
— present images of Black men as positive role models
— offer a critical view of Black men related to issues such as domestic violence and the HIV crisis
— help transform the Black male image in the mass media
— expand our understanding of Black men in their variety, depth and complexity
— explore issues such as relationships, human rights, health, personal growth, spirituality
— provide sessions where Black men can talk about issues raised in the films, in their own lives and in the larger community
— provide a forum where Black men and Black women, and people from all races, can dialogue
— showcase the works of Black male filmmakers and all other filmmakers
— highlight the importance of preserving and enhancing Black film and Black culture worldwide
The Festival began in 2002 in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The idea for the festival came to Yemi Toure, after he saw the USA film “Baby Boy,” directed by John Singleton. The film tells the tale of a young Black man and his girlfriend, his mother, his mother’s mate, and his own friends. “Baby Boy” explores fathers and sons, husbands
and wives, men in competition with each other–
and what it means to be a man. 

“The film is powerful, tragic and funny”, says Toure.

Toure wanted a place where these ideas could be explored
in depth and on a regular basis. Thus was born the International Black Man Film Festival

The Festival has been held every year since 2002 in Atlanta, USA. And 2009 is the first year the Festival is going international, with films being shown simultaneouly in Atlanta and Lagos.

The Festival has received cash funding and support from: 

— 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc.
— Auburn Avenue Research Library of African-American Culture and History, Atlanta
— Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters

IBMFF is part of the Center on Blacks and the Media, which is a non-profit, educational foundation based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA




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