“Who Da F-k Licked My Lilly Dilly?!?!”

Photo via Google Images

“Sometimes men view us as their life-sized lilly dillies. They really don’t care how that lilly dilly got to be that sweet BEFORE they got it, all they know is NOW its their sweet azz lilly dilly. But once somebody else’s tongue licks that lilly dilly, it just ain’t the same no more! Its now a CONTAMINATED LILLY DILLY! They know its soooo sweet… and they wanna taste it again… but they. Just. Can’t. ((PRIDE)) cause all they hear is their “Muscular Male-Ego” whispering: “I mean…who wants a LICKED lilly dilly, bruh? I’m just sayin.”

-Queen Unique

SN: for all your Northerners who don’t know what a lilly dilly is, refer to the definition below. Please & thank you. šŸ™‚

www.urbandictionary.com Lilly Dilly: Frozen kool-aid in a lil plastic cup, usually sold by the candy lady in the hood.

About Queen Unique

Involved Parent/PTA Member Connoisseur of SOUL Music Lover of ALL things BLACK Poet/Spoken Word Artist Nostalgic Hip Hop head Graphic Artist/Painter Online Radio Hostess Motivational Speaker Habitual Hair Braider Freelance Journalist Random Twitter-er Selective Blogger Published Author Youth Volunteer Choosey Lover Autism Activist Visual Artist Bookworm See full bio at: www.QueenUnique.com
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