Brotha Appreciation Pt 1: 10 Best Things About NativeSun ♥


Jamaal NativeSun Mosely is hands-down the best co-host and one of the best friends a girl could EVER ask for. After a few years developing a rock-solid friendship and brother/sisterhood, I bribed him to come on board with Queen Speaks Radio back in 2008 and ever since then we’ve been internet radio’s Bonnie & Clyde! He is a dedicated father, a devoted husband, a helluva cook, an experienced MC, promotions & marketing expert, an independent art director for photo shoots and an outstanding graphic designer. NativeSun is also the founder of FloLympics™, a hip hop appreciation society featuring freestyle rap competitions created to ensure minimal use of written or rehearsed lyrics through a series of improvisation based events (soon to add DJ battles, and other hip hop and spoken word themed events).

What you STILL don’t understand why this is tha big homie? Well, allow me to share with you only ten of the MANY reasons why this is a dear brother, best friend and the best co-host ever to hit the airwaves…

  • Sun ALWAYS speaks his mind directly to whoever he has issue with whether they are right next door or overseas. He’s not one of those “new school cats” that sit back chattin or complaining to the people around him about others, he’d just rather take it straight to the source. NativeSun is definitely KNOWN to “call it out.”
  • He is a dedicated and involved father. Not just a Daddy… he is a FATHER. Involved not only physically and financially but also emotionally, educationally, mentally, spiritually & beyond in his children’s lives. He’s one of those old school Dads that will jack you up quick for disrespect! Yeah… gotta love that.
  • He respects all women and LOVES his wife… NO DOUBT! And (not to exclude any other races but to give you a deeper insight to NativeSun’s heart) he loves his BLACK WOMEN. He has a rare appreciation for dark skin, afros and ethnicity but can be a sista’s BEST homie without being on that mackdaddy ish. Women can be comfortable around him without worrying if he’s trying to take them to bed every chance he gets.

  • He is a nostalgic hip hop head and he LOVES music. I don’t mean just ANY music. I mean lyrics, content, flow, instruments and composition. He appreciates REAL music from hip hop to soul to funk and everything in between. He knows music history and is NOT your typical bandwagon fan.
  • NativeSun has an infectious sense of humor. Don’t believe me? Listen to Queen Speaks Radio just ONCE and you’ll agree. Dude will have you laughing so hard, it’ll make your teeth hurt.

  • He is witty, versatile and informed on any subjects up for debate. His diversity and life experiences have geared him with the necessary tools to conduct an intellectual conversation from current events to politics to street life. Its always refreshing to hear a black man speak so eloquently when need be but keep it “G” at the same time.

  • That elite, southern brotha swag. You’re wearing black tee’s… he’s wearing cuff-links. Check the pics.
  • Constantly positive. No matter what the the forecast says even after the rain and the storm, the SUN will still shine. Enough said.

  • He has an unyielding desire to lead our children in a better direction. His parenting skill extend well beyond his own household into the entire village around him.

“With a sincere passion for REAL lyricism and the arts, an ear for classic music, and the relentless hunger for knowledge of our history to pass on to all the children in his village with a sharp tongue… This nostalgic hip hop head and visual artist brings Queen Speaks Radio to its sharpest potential! Need more SUNshine in your life? You’ll definitely find it here!” — Queen Unique

More SUNshine:…

About Queen Unique

Involved Parent/PTA Member Connoisseur of SOUL Music Lover of ALL things BLACK Poet/Spoken Word Artist Nostalgic Hip Hop head Graphic Artist/Painter Online Radio Hostess Motivational Speaker Habitual Hair Braider Freelance Journalist Random Twitter-er Selective Blogger Published Author Youth Volunteer Choosey Lover Autism Activist Visual Artist Bookworm See full bio at:
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One Response to Brotha Appreciation Pt 1: 10 Best Things About NativeSun ♥

  1. NativeSun803 says:

    Woooooooooooowwwwwww! Queen, I’m overwhelmed. Thank you so much, for being such and good friend and partner to me these past few years!

    Bonnie and Clyde… no doubt, and we’re just getting started!

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