Blog Wars: Queen Unique vs Trina (re-post from FB)

Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 1:33pm | From FaceBook Notes
Read the contrasts between both of my blogs and maybe you can understand why they call my pen bi-polar lol! Choose carefully because while some of these are inspiring and uplifting, others are a little raw & uncut and even a bit X-rated O_o …But ALL of them are 1,000% ME. Happy reading. 😉

*announcer voice*

“In this corner with an overall average GPA of 3.9 in the pinstripe blazer & thin-rimmed glasses with the baby ‘fro we have all around real estate lady Queeeeeeen Unique! 5’9″ of class, grace, thoroughly informed, bible & dictionary-toting, professional, nurturing, positive, cultured, intellectual, mother-instinct known to research ANYthing and throw DOWN in the kitchen sista with one black power fist UP & the other hand struggling to break free, reach out and uplift the whole WORLD!!” ==> Read more from her at:

“Aaaaand in this corner toting 36DD’s in the 6″ stilettos with hoop earrings & EVERYthing matching from head to toe we have retired stripper & seductress Trinaaaaaa Shanks! 156 lbs of over-confident, ghetto-raised, uncensored, opinionated, ultra freaky, fk-yo-feelins attitude known to snap on em like a dry twig, southern-raised ’round the way girl with two middle fingers up & her back to the haters!!” ==> Read more from her at:


10 Steps to Surviving His Baby Mama Drama by Trina Shanks
QU Lessons in Happiness: The Garden by Queen Unique

Like a Lollipop: Top 5 Things to Do When Giving YOUR MAN Dome by Trina Shanks
Be Involved in Your Child’s Education!! by Queen Unique

10 Signs That He’s Just NOT That Into You by Trina Shanks
Random Thoughts From My Soul Pt. I by Queen Unique

The Five Types of Men That All Women Hate by Trina Shanks
The Time is Now: ‘O’-nauguration 2009 by Queen Unique

My OctoMom Rant by Trina Shanks
Green for Grades: Bribery or Reward? by Queen Unique

Top 5 Reasons Why Women FAKE IT! by Trina Shanks
Fort Myers’ own Algernod Washington aka “Plies” by Queen Unique

Your Man Is Your Job! by Trina Shanks
“My Single Mom Life” pt. I by Queen Unique

“Love You Some You” Part 1 by Queen Unique

Oh and please don’t ask my neighbor, just ask ME if you have any questions right here, on my FaceBook page or my FORMSPRING PAGE. You can ask anonymously or sign in and ask from your own account. And pleeeeeeeease don’t ask anything you really don’t wanna know the truth about. Hope you enjoyed the show… be blessed & most of all stay true to who you are! ♥


About Queen Unique

Involved Parent/PTA Member Connoisseur of SOUL Music Lover of ALL things BLACK Poet/Spoken Word Artist Nostalgic Hip Hop head Graphic Artist/Painter Online Radio Hostess Motivational Speaker Habitual Hair Braider Freelance Journalist Random Twitter-er Selective Blogger Published Author Youth Volunteer Choosey Lover Autism Activist Visual Artist Bookworm See full bio at:
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