QU Lessons in Happiness: The Garden

The Wise Woman…

…is very proud of her flower garden and she finds joy in spending her time nurturing from the soil to each leaf into exactly what she envisioned her garden to be in her dreams.  She knows the key to a beautiful garden lies in its roots buried beneath the earth where the naked eye cannot see therefore she endures the long hours of grudge work and consistency that is required to craft her garden into an exact reflection of what she desires.

The Lost Woman…

…despises the hard work required to maintain her garden but has the audacity to be consumed with a blinding envy of all her neighbor’s gardens. She soon becomes overwhelmed with jealousy and desperation while staring at the extravagance of the wise woman’s garden and like a fool she sneaks out in the night to uproot the most beautiful flowers from the wise woman’s garden and re-plants them into her own. She smiles devilishly as she admires her selfish deed.

All the neighbors…

…know of lost woman’s shenanigans including the wise woman. She had long since recognized the envy so she went out and shopped for seeds which could produce even more beautiful flowers than before & tucked the seeds away in her cabinet. She recognizes her flowers in the lost woman’s garden and chuckles as she walks to the cabinet to pull out her seeds and tools. She remembers once long ago she was temporarily trapped in the very same misconception that lost woman now lives in so she is thankful to not have been so weak as to remain a victim of that ignorance.  Once back in her own garden she turns her back to lost woman, descends her knees firmly into her garden and begins the beautiful journey of revitalization once again. This is a process that is NOT foreign to her and she actually enjoys it and has learned to find a sense of peace in doing so.

Soon, just like clockwork…

…the stolen flowers begin to wither and tumble to the ground sprawling lifelessly across lost woman’s garden. Truth is, what lost woman never took time out to realize was that it was the relentless effort of the GARDENER and what lied in the roots in that garden itself which gave those flowers the striking beauty she desired. So no matter how much she believed these flowers would add the beauty she longed for to her garden,  it is inevitable that once up-rooted from its source of care, those flowers will die.

Same thing with your happiness. Best advice?

Stay out of your neighbor’s garden.

“Gardening requires lots of water – most of it in the form of perspiration. ”

-Lou Erickson

“The best fertilizer is the gardener’s shadow”

– Author Unknown


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