Random Thoughts From My Soul Pt. I

“Wake Up” by NativeSun803

I just had one of those “stop and thank God for everything in your life right now” moments and thought I should share it in my blog. I don’t do many of these sentimental “from the heart” blogs anymore but since that’s how I jumped off this blogging thang, I probably shouldn’t stop now so here goes…

Stop and thank God RIGHT NOW for what you have in your life! Even for what you don’t have (there’s a reason its not there, just trust His plan and be patient and it will be revealed). Pass your blessings on; they weren’t created to be held captive by one person! I’m thinking maybe God would have more time to answer personal prayers if we would keep the blessings He’s already put out here into a constant, accelerated flow lol! Don’t we owe Him that much? ==> We are His secret weapons: “IMPERFECT MESSENGERS”!! Nobody even sees us coming because of our imperfections, they don’t notice til you RIGHT up on ’em then… POW! TOO LATE lol! Okay… I went off on a tangent… now where was I?… oh yeah… uuummm… <== Being appreciative doubles your blessings and passing them on selflessly increases the current. Current is defined as a STEADY flow in a DEFINITE direction. Co confidently in that direction!

Be a giver. Don’t ever allow anyone to scar you deep enough to disfigure & manipulate the most beautiful parts of you. When you give them that much power, they own you. Be aware you are in control of your own life and at the same time you gain control of the steering wheel that controls your flow of blessings. You can veer your blessings any way you chose. Drive. Reverse. Idle. Use it wisely and drive carefully. One wrong move and you may wreck out! I like to imagine the car to my blessings is a CLS 55 and I’m driving mine with care but definitely NOT planning to keep it parked in the garage! I’m from the SOUTH and you KNOW how we love to flosssssssssssssss haha! Okay I’m just kidding… no not really… but either way… THAT IS ALL.


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2 Responses to Random Thoughts From My Soul Pt. I

  1. esta says:

    can i post that on my fb…PLEASE?

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