YES, I Will Remain a Fan of “Alicia Keys”

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There has been much speculation & controversy about the love triangle between Swizz Beats, his ex-wife Mashonda and Alicia Keys. As a result many question Alicia’s authenticity as a respectable woman due to her decision to fall in love with a married man. I’ve even been asked quite a few times if I will continue to listen to and support Alicia Keys’ music so let’s just clear the air on my feelings about this matter.

I am a fan of Alicia Keys

NOT of Alicia Augello Cook.

Therefore I am STAGNANT.

We are all made of flesh therefore we err as humans are expected. While I do not agree with Alicia or ANY woman involving herself with someone in a committed relationship, I also know love sees no boundaries and is the most incredible and powerful emotion known to man. That’s why its best to keep yourself away from situations such as these so you don’t fall victim to its force. Still I can’t fathom not admiring her public image and her undeniable gift just as I always have. Let’s be honest, in 2010 its nearly impossible to find successful chart-topping female artists who have never disappointed us by falling prey to oversexed videos, habitual ass-shaking and misogynistic imagery just to achieve recognition. Her personal life don’t have a DAMN thing to do with me. Who can deny her mesmerizing vocal range and the poetic melodies of songs such as Fallin’, Unthinkable, Love is Blind, No One, Superwoman, You Don’t Know My Name, A Woman’s Worth, Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart, etc! Do y’all have ANY idea how many times Alicia’s music has saved me from giving up on own relationship?! GOTTA LOVE THAT lmao! (j/k Bae! Muah!) So just like I’m still a fan of R. Kelly’s music although I wouldn’t trust him around any child of mine, I will remain a dedicated fan of Alicia Key’s music but I wouldn’t leave her alone with my man. Or any other woman for that matter lol…

As for Mashonda; I am an advocate for the strengthening & endurance of black love but I also don’t know what was happening behind the closed doors of their home so I can’t form any opinions on if they should have stayed together or not. However I am a firm believer in the fact that no one can “steal” what’s yours. It may seem that way sometimes but nine times outta ten there are other extenuating circumstances that may influence our decisions to seek love elsewhere which is why its important to always ensure you are familiar with your partner’s desires and they are satisfied. If you’re doing your job and they still  leave then that’s their decision but you can rest assured it was nothing you failed to do your best to fulfill. But I digress.

On a lighter note, at least  Mashonda can say she lost her man to a beautiful, talented, stable, classy, deep-thinking, creative, successful, established woman as opposed to the dirtbags some men jeopardize their homes for everyday. Let’s hope Alicia Keys’ eyes aren’t bigger then her belly when karma is the only meal on the menu and hopefully she knows that 9 times outta 10 the way you get ’em is the way you lose ’em. I’m just sayin.

See I’m unique for many reasons though because my conversation with Swizz would’ve been something like this…

Swizz: “Honey I’m leaving you for another woman”

Me: “Nicca what?!?!?!?” *grabs brass knuckles, torch, knee pads & nun-chucks*

Swizz: “Wait bae calm dow–“

Me: “Calm down my a$$!!!! HELL NAW I’m goin ham on BOFFA y’all! Who is she Swizz, WHO IS SHE?!?!?!”

Swizz: “Alicia Keys”

Me: *abruptly stops swinging nun-chucks* “Oh… okay… ummm..  THE Alicia Keys is gonna be my kids Stepmama & help you pay alimony AND child support?”

Swizz: “Ummm… possibly…”

Me: *places machete back in holster* “Do I get free downloads, concert tickets and autographs?”

Swizz: “I think we can arrange that if we’re still alive”

Me: *wipes war paint off face & removes mouth guard* “Oh ok, tell LiLi I said welcome to the family!”



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2 Responses to YES, I Will Remain a Fan of “Alicia Keys”

  1. I love (LUV) your conversation with Swizz. *laughing hysterically, wipping away tears*

  2. I am one of Alicia Keys admirer the song no one i love that song and your pictures are sexy and adorable keep up your good work

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