Our Kids & Today’s Education Link-Ups…

Obama puts $3.5B toward fixing failing schools – The Obama administration will spend at least $3.5 billion to push local officials around the country to close failing schools and reopen them with new teachers and principals…

Obama to kids: The press is gone, now ask me the tough questions – President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan sat down today with students at James C. Wright Middle School in Madison, Wis., but dismissed reporters after four minutes…

Cuts Loom for School Arts – For 9-year-old Ferran Romero, there is no sweeter sound than the boisterous bellows of his trombone. “It sounds like an elephant,” Ferran said as he balanced the brass instrument, nearly his size. The fourth-grade student from Topeka Drive Elementary started playing the trombone last year thanks to a Los Angeles Unified program that brings music, dance, theater and art classes to every elementary school in the district…

The influence game: Bill Gates pushes education reform – Not content with shaping education directly through schools, the biggest player in the school reform movement has an eye on moving education policy.

Does more time in class produce higher achievement? – Does more time on task matter in student achievement? A new study suggests it may for middle and high school students.  In state math and language art exams, students in schools that have extended time scored three to eight points higher than their counterparts ts in middle grades and in 10th grade. (The study only looked at 10th grade in high school.)

Secretary Duncan says grants are for education reforms – With states jockeying for extra school dollars from the economic stimulus, Education Secretary Arne Duncan reminded them Tuesday the point is to help kids do better…

Education secretary stresses need for strong new teachers – U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan appealed Friday for a new generation of extraordinary teachers, calling education the civil rights cause of our time.

Students write letters about year-round school – My name is Pat Bohl. I am the fifth-grade social studies and language arts teacher at West Central Elementary School in Humboldt.I currently am doing a civic education program known as Project Citizen in one of my social studies classes. The class must work on changing or enacting new policies. This class chose to try to develop a year-round school at West Central. The following are six of their best proposals. Please print them for me. Thank you…

Obama education chief Duncan to push schools reform – US Education Secretary Arne Duncan plans to challenge educators, civil rights groups and others to put aside “tired arguments” about education reform to help him craft a sweeping reauthorization of federal education legislation by early 2010…

Teachers’ pay would be tied to test scores under Obama plan – States that want a piece of the Obama administration’s $4.35 billion Race to the Top Fund for schools must hew to internationally benchmarked academic standards and let schools pay teachers and principals more if they work in hard-to-staff schools — or if student scores improve on basic skills tests…


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2 Responses to Our Kids & Today’s Education Link-Ups…

  1. Rich says:

    You missed one, “Detroit Public Schools students’ test scores mark historic low” – http://freep.com/article/20091208/NEWS01/91208020/1319/DPS-students-scores-mark-historic-low-for-test

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