Natural Hair Journey: Product List

Miss Natural "Erykah Badu"

Peace & blessings fam, I haven’t blogged in awhile so I figured it would be wise to drop a blog on my natural hair journey. Don’t know if you know it yet but the natural hair revolution is TAKING OVER! I’ve permed my hair only once (Easter 2009) in about two years now so my hair is much thicker, healthier and longer. When I first made the decision, my hair was very brittle and damaged from perming, frying and dying my hair so this is a HUGE difference from where I began although I’m still “training” my hair. I won’t say its an easy road, its much simpler to perm it but the rewards are much greater when natural you feel a sense of self-assurance and strength. I will have photo updates soon but in the meantime, here’s a list of products that I’ve been using that work very well. Click each to be redirected to sites with more info…

Now my hair is FAR from straight, its very bushy and kinky and draws up like CUH-RAZY when I wash it so immediately after shampooing my hair, I apply the replenishing packet, shower cap and drying bonnet for about 15-30 minutes. Rinse well, spray down with Infusium23, part off 4 sections, detangle gently and cut about 1/2 inch of split ends (if its that time). Next, I take each portion, part with my fingers put in single medium sized plats, 2 strand twists (about 10-15 per section) or I use only two sections and do 8-10 cornrows just to switch the hair pattern up so I don’t get any separation or train my hair into a certain direction. Lastly, I apply the anti-thinning stimulant to my edges and Shea butter over my entire head, wrap in silk scarf and sleep on silk pillowcase to avoid losing any moisture.

Hope this helps!


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