My Top 20 Causes to follow on Twitter…

1.) @Peasintheirpods – Every 40 seconds a child is reported missing in the United States and of these missing children approximately 45% are African Americans being torn away from their families by strangers and in some cases other family members. This organization fight for the safety and recovery of our missing children but there is also an online radio broadcast every Sunday evening where professionals, counselors, parents and beyond merge together for the betterment of our youth.

2.) @NationalAutism – The National Autism Association provides real help to families affected by Autism. The mission of the National Autism Association is to educate and empower families affected by autism and other neurological disorders, while advocating on behalf of those who cannot fight for their own rights, educate society, raise awareness, encourage those in the autism community to never give up & finding a cure for the neurological damage from which so many affected by autism suffer.

3.) @thebridgeyc – The Bridge is a grassroots, faith-based, non-profit organization that serves youth ages 11-18 years old (grades 6-12) in the local community.

all as one

4.) @AllAsOne – Providing the orphaned and destitute children of Sierra Leone with a loving home, education, medical care, and hope. Provides adoption facilitation from the African countries of The Gambia and Sierra Leone.

5.) @Sept11Memorial – The National September 11 Memorial & Museum under construction at the World Trade Center site.

6.) @heroBox – We send customized care packages to troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Adopt a soldier and/or get your soldier to sign up!

7.) @HouseOfUmoja – The House of UMOJA is now an internationally acclaimed organization that is dedicated to the positive development of youth, reducing violence and abusive behavior, providing interventions in negative behavior and improving the quality of life for economically disadvantaged urban male youth and their families. Its comprehensive program provides a positive living environment for boys ages 15-18 who unfortunately lack a sufficient family structure and it operates on the principle of the extended family.

8.) @NgongRoad – Friends of Ngong Road in Nairobi, Kenya is a high impact NGO educating children who have lost their parents to AIDS. Friends of Ngong Road and Ngong Road Children Association is a partnership of volunteers in the U.S. and Kenya with a deep belief in the value of education and the hope it can bring to young lives.  Volunteers in the U.S. from Friends of Ngong Road focus on fund-raising and sponsor recruitment.  The volunteers and staff in Nairobi, most of whom have lived in or near the impoverished communities, are committed to helping children whose lives are affected by HIV/AIDS.

9.) @OneBrownGirl –’s (OBG) mission is to celebrate culture, diversity and strong self image amongst Brown Girls across the globe. Our hope and heartfelt intention is to – in some small way – inspire Brown Girls everywhere to greatness by creating a well-known and respected brand that is adopted globally and consistently speaks to the mission.

10.) @SaveDarfur – The Save Darfur Coalition raises awareness about the genocide in Darfur and mobilizes a unified response to the atrocities that threaten the people of Darfur.

11.) @ARProject – Malaak is Founder and Director of The Angelrock Project. Her main goal is to inspire people to give back to society in a multitude of cool and exciting ways.

12.) @QOHFoundation – The Mission of the Queen of Hearts Foundation® is to empower women regarding their heart health through awareness, education and information. Implementation of these three principles will help women of all ages save their lives through early awareness and detection, understanding their heart history, impact of lifestyle choices and knowledge of overall heart health.

13.) @AmazonCares – addresses vital topics important to a healthy community environment in Peru’s remote Amazon region. These topics include animal welfare, human health, domestic violence prevention, humane education, conservation, environmental issues, respect for wildlife in their natural habitat, safety, responsible pet ownership and assisted animal therapy.

14.) @autismvotes – Autism Votes, an initiative of Autism Speaks, is and a comprehensive grassroots advocacy program for autism-related legislation. Check out!

15.) @Dosomething – Do Something believes you have the power to make a difference. It is our aim to inspire, support and celebrate a generation of doers: people who see the need to do something, believe in their ability to get it done, and then take action. At we provide the tools and resources for you to convert your ideas and energy into positive action. Be part of a generation of doers.

16.) @AmeriCares – We are a nonprofit international disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization. AmeriCares is a nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization which provides immediate response to emergency medical needs – and supports long-term humanitarian assistance programs – for all people around the world, irrespective of race, creed or political persuasion.

17.) @youngleadership – The YLC of New Orleans develops leadership in young professionals (21-42) through community service.

18.) @NOH8Campaign – A non-profit organization photo project and silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley in direct response to the passage of Proposition 8.

19.) @ChildrensCare – Special needs hospital/school for children including those with autism.

20.) @ContactAFamily – Contact a Family provides support, advice and information for families with disabled children, no matter what their condition or disability. Contact a Family became a registered charity in 1979 and we have nearly 30 years of experience of working with families with disabled children.


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  1. I am so honored to be on this list, and can´t believe I didn´t know about it until today! I plan to publicize it!!

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