Happy 84th Birthday Malcolm”X” Little


Today we celebrated the birth of a leader, husband, father of six, a great speaker and human rights activist; Malcolm X who would have been 84 years old. Born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925 in Omaha Nebraska, this courageous Muslim minister was the voice of African American people that had been silenced deep beneath powerful waves in a sinister sea of “civil wrongs”. Although his father passed away when X was only 13 years old, he instilled invaluable lessons about black pride and independence on race matters which stemmed from the beliefs of Marcus Garvey into his son. Yet during his childhood, Malcolm dabbled in criminal activities such as gangs, gambling, running prostitutes and drug dealing which eventually led to an 8-10 year stint in prison stint followed by many ups and downs from adopting the beliefs of the Nation of Islam to the commitment of his mother to a state mental hospital. His first experience with turning adversity into strength was in 8th grade when he was one of the best students at his junior high school. After professing his aspirations to becoming a lawyer, a white teacher told him that was “no realistic goal for a nigger”. Now after the success of many blacks in law (which is increasing rapidly) including but not limited to Thurgood Marshall, Wade McCree, Johnny Cochran, Jock Smith and Willie Gary combined with the fact that the legacy of Malcolm X is sure to outlive the carving in her headstone, could you imagine how she’s rolling in her grave today?

On February 21, 1965 in Manhattan’s Audubon Ballroom, Malcolm X was speaking to a crowd of 400 when he was shot in the chest by one man with a sawed-off shotgun followed by two other men who shot him 16 more times. Malcolm X’s primary assassin was a Black Muslim named Talmadge Hayer aka Thomas Hagan who was paroled in 1985 but maintains his innocence. Over 1,000 people attended his funeral and he was buried at Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York where friends took the shovels away from the waiting gravediggers and completed the burial themselves. Contrary to much speculation preceding his death and multiple accusations fingering William Bradley, Louis Farrakhan, COINTELPRO, John Ali, the NYPD, etc., authorities never reopened their investigation of the murder. Malcolm X’s legacy has since proved to be an unshakable part of African American and World History cemented within the pages of books & textbooks and even many streets signs, historic monuments, dozens of schools, holidays and even children all named after him. So do your children a favor today and educate them about yet another great black man!

In closing, what impact or affect do you think Malcolm X would have had on our nation during the 45 years since his death had he not been assassinated? Also, do you believe Malcolm X would have voted for Barack Obama in the 2009 presidential election? Please… sound off!

Listen to last year’s dedication to the legacy of Malcom X from Queen Speaks Radio HERE!


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11 Responses to Happy 84th Birthday Malcolm”X” Little

  1. Danyel Smith says:

    thanks for this post.

  2. Phara says:

    “Malcolm X is sure to outlive the carving in her headstone, could you imagine how she’s rolling in her grave today?”
    Malcolm X does NOT look like a woman…

    • Queen Unique says:

      Oh ye whose mouth is quicker than thy eyes, let’s rewind and try that again:

      “Now after the success of many blacks in law… combined with the fact that the legacy of Malcolm X is sure to outlive the carving in her headstone, could you imagine how she’s rolling in her grave today?”

      I was referring to the teacher who told him his dream was “no realistic goal for a nigger”. Do NOT take me out of context, I’m not the one 🙂

      And didn’t you learn if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all? Back to the old drawing board for you… 🙂

  3. reealitey says:

    I think he would have voted for him. Unfortunately, Obama might have thrown him under the bus as he did to Wright due to his “politically incorrectness”. That doesn’t say nothing about Obama though, it just says that in order to please the masses there are certain truths you cannot reveal to everyone. As truthful as Jeremiah Wright may preach he almost killed Obama’s campaign, and associating with him or X alike might not have brought Obama into power.

    Sometimes I think pinch me…am I dreaming?

    I wonder if Wright voted.

  4. Ali says:

    I’d like to make a correction here. The teacher who told Malcolm X not to go for becoming a lawyer , was a male and his name was Mr. Ostrowski and he taught English at the Lansing school.
    (Ref: Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley)

    I’d like to add that i think Malcolm X Shabazz was one of few men in the history of America, if not the world, who were not afraid to speak to the truth. To tell it as it is. It is the reason why he became so dreaded by Whites, in his time. His appoach may have been aggressive, but it was
    forthright, and it had at its basis the truth, so it had tremedous impact.

    Even today, the Nazi’s extermination of 6 million Jews is highlighted in the press, the media, in schools,and in the general public as the greatest crime in human history. It was not, as Minister Malcolm pointed out,for the greatest crime EVER has been the killing of 100 million African Americans on the slave trade route sanctioned by the United States. We must keep reminding people this, we must make sure it is never forgotten, because it is a testament to the extent of evil man can commit for the most frivolous of reasons.

    I think Malcolm X would be impressed with Mr. Obama. Not only is the latter a highly educated man,
    well read, aware of his African heritage,a great public speaker and a qualified lawyer, but also he has sincerity in him. To make a difference not just for African American folk, but for people across all racial and socio-cultural lines. I think Malcolm X would’ve been proud of an African American like Mr. Obama, and definitely would have been proud to vote for him. His idea, as highlighted in ‘the ballot or the bullet’ for African Americans to step up into public life, and use the ballot to effectuate a change in their circumstance.

    God bless men such as Malcolm X, who live committed to a just cause, and die fearlessly for it.

  5. madison says:

    malcolm x rocks! thanks for publishing!

  6. ricky says:

    thanx 4 every thing

  7. LiL Wayne Soldier A. x.x.x says:

    Malcolm X has been an inspiration to all – thank-you!

    In rememberance of Kasar (2004) and Malcolm X (2008) __ Saint Annes – for all

    KissKiss. x.x.x

  8. Andre Bridges says:

    Well said. Thx Sis

  9. Anas says:

    my dream was to meet someone like legend malcolm x
    but i meet his words ,, and it last 4ever inside me

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