The Circumstances of Second Chances

Question. In these modern times, how relevant is the old saying “once a criminal, always a criminal”? How about “once a thief always a thief”? Has the right to redemption long-since relinquished similar to old fashion trends or does it still apply only to certain situations and if so; by what scale do we measure who or what meets the criteria for these “exceptions”? One of the most common gripes from American people is the fact that once someone makes a mistake  they are forcibly wed to the label which accompanies that particular misfortune. Regardless of their age or the circumstances by which they may have helplessly succumbed to the heat of emotions ablaze, the torment of distress or a single moment of morbid desperation. Thus, the American Proverb “You made your bed now lie in it” albeit one may serve time or under-go the required necessary intervention, sometimes we just can’t seem to peel off that label. It tends to be particularly easy to shake your finger at others but when it comes to ourselves or one of our loved ones; suddenly it seems to be “unfair” or superfluous.

For instance, if a 19 year old is sentenced for theft, serves his prison time and is released, his mother feels as if her son should be able to put that behind him, get a job and try to make the steps to move forward, right? I mean, that is the whole reason why the government is throwing so many of our people in jail, right? For intervention, correct? Time served, right? Wrong! Most times that charge appears on his record for the rest of his life and he will be viewed as a thief every time he applies for a job, a home, each time his child is enrolled in a school, etc. Even in certain situations where the perpetrator made the conscious decision to undergo intervention on their own accord without court orders! Of course, none of these factor in when businesses review the application from a woman applying for employment years after she’s been treated for alcoholism and is 10 years clean. You see, spiritually we want to believe that only God can judge us but in reality so can the jury, your neighbor, your boss and anyone else who chooses to do such. This is where the age old saying “it ain’t what they call you that matters but what you answer to.” All in all; if you can’t be healed then why are these services even available? Why is there intervention for addictions, abuse or even prisons and jail sentencing? Is it solely for corporate America to profit off of our own imperfections and mistakes in life? In the end, does it REALLY help or just remove the issue internally while embedding a permanent red mark on your history for the rest of your days? We know what the answer is but as always… the powers that be will never profess.

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