15yo Malika Calhoun & Father Speak Out After Seattle Cop Beating

This is ridiculous and unbelieveable and police brutality is truly getting out of hand. All of this evidence and he gets a paid vacation. I have no words… for now. I guess I gotta let this marinate. Anyhow, the video needs to be viewed by all as soon as possible, I’ll be back later to fill in the blanks. Feel free to soundoff; all comments (pertaining directly to the subject matter) will be approved but I don’t condone ignorance… keep that in mind.


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23 Responses to 15yo Malika Calhoun & Father Speak Out After Seattle Cop Beating

  1. LawReport.org response: This police officer is an extremely violent and highly volatile criminal. Most police officers never shoot any one in their entire careers yet this criminal has killed two people. Now we see first hand the violence he is capable of even though he knows the camera is watching him. He feels invincible. He killed two people and got away with it so in his mind there is no stopping him on ”lesser” crimes. The inquiries into the previous killings should be re-opened and examined again. The charges in this case are inappropriate; he should be charged with first degree assault, armed criminal action and violating a citizen’s civil rights while under color. This guy should be looking at life in prison but once again we have a cop breaking the law and his cronies come to his aid and protect him as much as possible. He will probably request a bench trial and that judge will probably find him not guilty or give him probation. This is the typical sweep job done in these types of cases.

  2. Mi says:

    First of all, he has not killed 2 people. He killed one, after he was brutally attacked. Being a police officer is a difficult job, he was faced with a car thief who then kicked her shoe off at him deliberately, just to get him riled up, well, it worked. But cause and effect, ya know, obviously she has no qualms about commiting SERIOUS crimes at the age of 15. You have to know that if you assault someone in any way, expect to get something back. I feel more ashamed that he embarassed himself this way and did not control himself as he should have. But, if she was my kid and she disrespected me or any other adult in a similar way, you better believe I would have been on her like white on rice. I am not saying that he was justified in what he did, but she is not an innocent child either.

    • Willie Hayes says:

      No one forces people to join the force. It appears that the majority of police officers join the force to rape, beat and kill with impunity. Since Police and the legal system defend the police much like you do. You are probably a cop or Just the typical stupid police defender until your turn comes!

  3. a father says:

    The video I saw was a behavior of a 15 year old girl. She kicked off her shoe, not assaulted an officer. I’m sorry but this officer commited a first degree assault. It hurt to see this video, very disturbing. If a parent did this to his child, he would be behind bars.

  4. Rob V. says:

    To Mi: You wrote Your spin is incredulous and I am not buy it. You must be a cop or married to one. Now lets look at the real facts. The girl is not a car thief. She may have been arrested for riding in a car that belonged to her girlfried’s mother but you don’t know enough of the facts to say she is a thief. Her girlfriend maybe, but her not yet. The facts will come out in court. My guess is after seeing this video…the prosecutor will drop the charges. Next, Paul Schene told her to remove her shoes. She kicked it off, but you can’t say it was a deliberate attack, nor can you say it was intended to get him riled up. In any event, he knows that 15 year olds are still juveniles. They lack wisdom. They are prone, especially at this age(hormones!) to act on impulse. Some discretion must be used by the adults that encounter them. Moreove, a Police Officer must exercise the highest amount of self-control, self-restraint, and prudent judgement. Paul Schene did not exercise this self-control. He let a 15 year old GIRL get under his skin to the point that be BROKE THE LAW. Perhaps he should have called for the police — the real police — to arrest her. Finally, Paul Schene will get something back because he should have know that if he assaults someone under the color of authority and it’s caught on film…..well his career should be over, he should be indicted in both State and Federal Court for his crime, he should be be found guilty of 1st degree assault under the color of authority and violating the civil rights of a minor, he should be made to publicly apologize, he should be fired, he should be sued in a civil court too. Oh, and before I forget, his previous acts/cases should be reopened by the feds and investigated.

  5. Rob V. says:

    Lets add this one on too:

    RCW 9A.80.010
    Official misconduct.

    (1) A public servant is guilty of official misconduct if, with intent to obtain a benefit or to deprive another person of a lawful right or privilege:

    (a) He intentionally commits an unauthorized act under color of law; or

    (b) He intentionally refrains from performing a duty imposed upon him by law.

    (2) Official misconduct is a gross misdemeanor.

    [1975-’76 2nd ex.s. c 38 § 17; 1975 1st ex.s. c 260 § 9A.80.010.]

    Effective date — Severability — 1975-’76 2nd ex.s. c 38: See notes following RCW 9A.08.020.

    Failure of duty by public officers: RCW 42.20.100.

  6. I think the police officer is very cute and cuddly and I am willing to share my prison cell with him


    Prisoner #A136GH94

  7. j.tauanuu says:

    look wow Rob v. proved his point. when i saw this video i couldnt wait to let everyone that i know to get behind this girl and spread the word. anyone and see this and know what the hell was this idiot thinking. like rob said self control, he let a 15 year old girl get to him. and some people just wouldnt pay to much attention and they just brush it off and say crazy thing about this is he will probably get off. Especially the way they said if he is proven guilty he might get a year and so on. Nothing. Probably going to keep his job. BUT if it was a black man beating on white girl everyone would be on it, man beating a woman too or any other situation. sad to say that our justice system is trying to cover there ass instead of fixing the problem. im not saying this is going to be the judgement of all people involving in the justice system just saying screen people that you offer a job too, especially this kind of job. You are going to be dealing with different situations and obiviously in this case mentally and physically. obviously the justice system is not doing their job.

  8. city cop says:

    that motherfu&ker should get a serious f n beat down, if that was my little girl i would be out looking for his a!s, keep away from cops their fucked i know i am one

  9. matt says:

    stupid cops

  10. JB Weld says:

    A disturbing percentage of “lawmen” are uniformed criminals with a license to abuse-and-harass. Their amoral code of silence, aka blue wall of silence, promotes deviant behavior since they can rely on the cooperation of peers to conceal misconduct. The myth of a “few bad apples” in this profession is an excuse to explain away instances which attrack headlines. Law enforcement is a dishonorable profession that attracts power hungry misfits and headcases eager. There is little doubt many pigs got involved in the DIShonorable profession because it was the only gig available at the time.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Paid vacation? He “could” spend a year in prison? Treat him like a regular person. I’m 99.9% he is gonna be put on probation for 1 year max. Don’t know how they do it up there in Washington but I think he should get 3 years. I think that is reasonable. Let him get beat a couple….. dozen times. Oh yeah, about those 2 people that he shot, he should be investigated for those. He probably did it just to do it. This happens all the damn time

  12. Rico Hendran says:

    a sulation to stop torture by law enforcemnt
    An open letter

    Dear Mr. President,

    Please help to stop the torture of people in Democratic Europe!

    Law enforcement officers, primarily police and security guards, have the ability to arrest people, especially dark-skinned people, in the name of law, regardless of their guilt. They can escort these people to a room, such as a dressing room, a vehicle or another place without public views nor security cameras. There they can beat, torture or even sexually assault these people.

    When victims of such cases try to stand up for their rights and seek justice, the guilty officers have the excuse: violent resistance to the law; thus it is their duty to deal with them. Law enforcement often censor such cases so society never hears about them from the media. There have been numerous cases all over the Democratic and Humanitarian Europe (for more information 120–cases) contact Mr. Juan Fonseca, chief of Discrimination bureau in Stockholm and former member of Swedish Parliament (Cell # +46 733421988) or Amnesty International’s EU Office. Some cases are covered by the media; for example, in Swedish Channel 4 News showed a video taken with a mobile phone where European police officers are seen torturing refugees in “torture rooms.” In Stockholm, a central police station had pictures of non-Caucasian officers with “SS” written on them. There are many other similar cases happening, possibly now as you are reading this letter, and the guilty parties suffer no consequences. If this type of violence committed by law enforcement isn’t stopped, victims will continue to be damaged not just physically but mentally. This type of behaviour may result in even more violence when victims want to release their anger and aggression for this injustice. There have been numerous cases in France, Sweden and other countries where people have obtained weapons for shooting, explosions, and so on. There are even more cases in the US and around the world available online as evidence to back up this proposal in order to end these kinds of barbarian behaviors

    A possible solution to stop this type of violence would be to require all law enforcement officers to carry a small digital video camera (with a few GBs of memory), attach it to their uniforms, and require them to tape their actions on duty. It is not an expensive technology when you compare it to the costs of court when dishonourable officers are sued by their victims. The cameras should be encrypted and not able to be stopped or viewed by officers. The footage should be collected from all officers and archived daily, when they finish their working day.
    There should also be cameras placed in all law enforcement premises and officers should not be allowed to take arrested people to any “blind” places. Law enforcement communication should be recorded 24 hours a day by a higher level law enforcement unit. This unit should consist of a diverse group of people from as many different nationalities and races available in that country. The recorded materials should be publicly available for use in court.

    I sincerely hope that you will kindly consider this matter not only as President but as someone who deeply cares about humanity. I hope you will further this idea by talking to your colleagues around the world because it would have positive effects for every country. The next generation would remember you not only as the 44th President but as someone who has done good for the entire world, making big changes for justice and human rights by stopping racism and discrimination all over the world.

    With best wishes and a hope for a better world for us and our children.

    Yours truly,

    Rico Hendran

    Post Restante
    104 60 Stockholm,

  13. George says:

    Malika Calhoun that little devil in carnate bitch, regularly reports her father and caregivers (falsely) to the police when they try to discipline her. She is charged with felony assualt for threatening to shoot someone in the face.

    She admitted on Tv that she hit the officer intentionally.

    • Queen Unique says:

      I agree, that’s horrible.. but still no excuse for the behavior of the officer…

    • lonnie says:

      hey george, try being human,think with your head and your heart and open your mind to the truth… love not hate… generosity not greed… wisdom not delusion… we are all people of this earth whatever race or religion we are or whatever we believe, We all deserve respect..and whoever we are we need to give respect in return you, me, and paul schene… Everyone has a right to live their life on this earth…Be someone that protects the weak and innocent instead of being on the other side… Is there a reason you are hurting inside? when you give love you get love.. The love you give is equal to the love you get…

  14. George says:

    All of you who talk about bearting the officer or celling him with Bubba: This officer is a bad ass and an incredibly good fighter. He actually went very easy on the girl, though few of you sissie americans would recognize how good he is and how restrained he was as well.

    Officer Schene would tear any of you, probably 5 or 6 of you at the same time, a new asshole if you screwed with him. As my Scottish freinds would say “He would damage you”

    • lonnie says:

      he’s a pussy i’d lovvve to see him hurt my daughter he would be a pile of bloody bones, we’ll see what happens when he’s in prison,maybe he will learn a lesson, if he makes it out…

  15. What the.. says:

    What an idiot. Those punches to her head in the end..? Ok so she’s a bit stupid but what the heck??? If he walks, the U.S is more screwed up than I thought.

  16. iKILLcops says:

    thats my name

  17. concerned mother says:

    That is terrible a grown man twice her size needs to beat on a teenage girl to be big and powerful….that cop is a loser. Any idiot can be a deputy very little education is needed for that position. This jerk has serious impulse control issues. I would love to see a tape of 2 big men beating him. One holding him down and the other punching him in the face.

  18. Anonymous says:

    “george” your an idiot

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