My OctoMom Rant

::walks into blog waving white flag::

Alright, alright already dammit I surrender!!!!! I have finally fallen into this sticky, tangled web that is the media circus of Nadya “OctoMom” Suleman. I promised myself I would NOT blog about it but after watching the end of Dr. Phil’s interview with her tonight, I MUST sound off. Warning: this post contains some very heavy profanity so put the kids to bed, its about to get REAL… and it goes a little somethin like this…

Apparently the hospital will not release the children into her care until she can provide a stable living environment for them which she is very obviously incapable of doing. Albeit I am not a supporter of foster care, this situation is a HUGE exception! You see, where I come from, a mother’s job is to provide love, TLC, a stable home, COMMON DAMNED SENSE, education and among all else to be a role model to the best of their ability. Not to just give hugs, kisses & goo-goo ga-ga baby-talk in front of some media cameras. I can’t BELIEVE some of y’all say she’s good Mom just because she coochie-coo’s her kids’ cheeks!!! This woman obviously does not possess the common sense of an empty, stale ice cream cone but has enough sense to know that she should have a spokesperson, a PR person FOR HERSELF and a nifty little professionally designed website with pay-pal links for donations (but no Dad for the kids, regardless of a man who is pleading to be such). I couldn’t put this any simpler than this: there are MILLIONS of single mothers in the world including myself who need help and although I don’t need a quarter of the amount this broad does, do you see any “Donate to Queen’s Kids” buttons on ANY of my pages??? HELLTOTHENO!!!!! I cook, bake, clean, do silly dances, get stuck in tiny ass playground jungle gyms, throw sleepovers, birthday parties, attend PTA meetings, school programs, conferences, bake goodies for classes, have family nights out, check homework, home-educate, do science projects, my side hustles & more then STILL get up the next morning and go to my nine to five all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in 4-inch pumps with time-card in hand and my GOOD MERRNTING smile in full effect!! ::Beyonce voice:: “All my single MOTHERS put ya hands UP! ::Beyonce voice:: WHOOP-WHOOP!!! Sorry, I zoned out for a minute there… ahem………………. But this chick has the nerve to get on cameras and portray this eloquent “dedicated mother” role but doesn’t even have the decency to dig within herself to find a talent to provide a damned product for consumers to purchase and why?? Because she just wants some COT-damned donations!! Even if someone does give her a home there are still taxes and utilities that must be paid, cleaning that must be done & SO MUCH MORE and paparazzi’s cameras have shown us that cleaning is NOT Ms. Nadya’s thang! You donate a house to her if you want to and its guaranteed to be TRASHED if don’t you pay for a cleaning service to stop by daily! Who’s gonna pick up THAT bill?? Talkin bout she don’t get no help from the government she don’t even appreciate it! Do you know how LOOOOOOOOONG I been tryin to get some food stamps but keep gettin turned down?!!

Reality is she cannot provide a roof over their heads nor does she have the mentality to raise 14 kids and all the donations in the WORLD won’t change the fact that if these children are in her care, they will NOT be provided for accordingly!! Just because she carried them DOES NOT mean she deserves the very sought-after and honorable title of MOTHER. Her priorities are all screwed up and I’ll be damned if America is not pitying for “oh poor little crazy ass Octomom” while I’ve personally witnessed many of my own people’s children get snatched away just on the strength of child services coming to the crib and seeing a roach or two! Seriously, this chick was going to get a manicure in a car with old ass banana peels and cereal bowls on the floor in the backseat!! That $10-$20 spent on a manicure would have been better spent at a damned Bubble Bee car detail shop getting her car cleaned! Hell, you can take 50 cents and go to the Circle K and vacuum your car out in HALF the time it takes to get your nails cut down but she claims it was done “so she could hold her babies”. BULLSHIT… get a nail clipper, hook it on your key chain and ride out like we do in my hood! First step in parenting: PRIORITIZE! Then she’s sooooo upset and “woe-is-me” with the public because everyone is “coming down on her” while she cries victim but continues to stick her foot in her mouth in every interview and every single public appearance! She made her bed, now she must lie in it, just like ALL OF US SINGLE MOTHERS and if she truly wants what’s best for her children (the way she CLAIMS) she would look within herself and realize what they need most in their lives is PARENTING, STABILITY, ATTENTION and AN EXAMPLE, not some damned socks from Macys!! You want help Nadya?? Seek counseling! You want money Nadya?? Ask the public for some work at home opportunities and internet services instead of this fake ass prideful sneak-pleading you keep doing!! You have in-home help right now and instead of trying to WORK for a few, you’re playing hide and go seek with cameras. You have a “back injury” that keeps you from working but you can carry EIGHT CHILDREN?! Get the fuck out Nadya, all of us are NOT falling for your bullshittery!! And to top it all off Kaiser Permanente Inc refuses to provide or pay for treatment of autistic children but they do cover her InVitro fertilization which often leads to risky preterm births and other complications INCLUDING AUTISM. Oh, the IRONY!!

In closing, I am very bothered by this not only as a WOMAN but as a SINGLE MOTHER myself who made the heart-wrenching decision to abort a third child at a very young age because I KNEW it would take away some of the already scarce food from the mouths of the ones I already had at that time and I have to deal with that memory EVERY DAY! I’m sure many of you won’t agree with that and its your business but to each his own and this ain’t about me, its about 14 kids who will have to deal with paparazzi swarming around them as they ride their bikes, play hopskotch in the front yard and try to enjoy the simplicites of being a child. All this drama into their lives NOT because their mother is a legendary Oscar-winning actress or record-breaking activist but because she’s the In-Vitro obsessed OctoMom who wanted to fill the void of a “lonely childhood”. Please America, lets see to it that we exercise the appropriate measures and take action to place custody of these children in the care of women who would give anything to be called Mom and provide what children truly need. And that’s all that I can say.


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10 Responses to My OctoMom Rant

  1. slimjackson says:

    These are the best type of blog posts. I love I actually haven’t seen anything about this woman, though I have read about her. You’ve convinced me to dislike her tomfoolery and I’m not even that invested in her story. Damn the media for letting this stuff fly!

  2. Doreen says:

    Word, Queen! This woman has no pride or work ethic. I feel bad for the kids, but she is far less deserving of pity or money than a WHOLE bunch of other single moms.

  3. Abena says:

    My God what I would do for someone to stop by and pick up after us in the crib I had to hustle up on and maintain for me and my boys… Don’t mention her actually getting help to clean up after these children… I just want somebody to fold clothes LOL.

  4. whoscallingnow says:

    Having been a single mom for most of my children’s life I totally get your rant. I used to come home from work to do the mom thing and then have to work 4-5 hours more after putting them in bed at night. I just had three and there never seems to be enough money to go around — and I have two degrees. Most of us have the common sense to stop reproducing when we know finances won’t stretch.

  5. Daryl M. says:

    I agree with what you said…except for the car thing….but other than that you and I are completely on the same page….but I ask you and everyone else who reads this….this situation is tame….but what if this Octo-mom was black? Do you know how many conservatives would have been placing her ass on every billboard and the Republicans would be saying, “See! Why can’t these ‘people’ get jobs and not ask the government for help?” We still live in a completely racist society….if you ask me…Ms. Octo Mom is getting of COMPLETELY easy. Since Slavery…we live in a two faced system that makes up rules for us but not for them….do you think that someone would be getting a black octo-mom a free house? They would be hauling those kids into foster care and people like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would be trying to adopt them like starving African kids……….man I’m sorry….I can’t help it….it’s all true and I’m still bitter

  6. LOL but really though, as much commonsense as an empty stale ice cream cone LOL. What she is doing is a real shame but even worst is the attention everyone is giving it

  7. sunnymorningdays says:

    I have a quote from a story I just read: “I just love fanatics because they make me feel so well balanced”. Thank you Nadya for making us all feel that we have common sense. Yup, she takes the cake. I believe she is evil. I worked in NICU & see what children that have to spend months in premie care have to go through. She knew it too. Especially the doctor knew it. I hope these 8 never get to see her trashed out existence. I don’t think she can handle herself much less being a mother. All fourteen would be better off in another situation. Good mother my ass. Did you know her embryo could have been adopted out for in vitros for other parents?

  8. Kathleen says:

    Girl, I 150% agree with you…
    And now she’s using the money she made from selling pics of her newborn children to the papirazzi to buy a brand new million dollar home?! She’s getting help from some non profit that provides 24 hour assistance for her children and she says feels extremely RELIEVED. Like did she not think about ANY of this?? No, she was just waitin for the endorsements and help from pampers or whatever other company she thought was gonna send her a years worth of diapers or whatever. I think the lady just watched a little too much Jon n Kate plus 8 or whatever…
    Oh the whole story just makes me sick!
    Good blog girl… good blog…

  9. No-Freebies says:

    I don’t get why the hell some people side with this immature and selfish woman. Your grandma had 10 kids? Good for her! How long ago was that? Was there an economic crisis during that time? Was there a DAD in the picture? DID SHE GET PREGNANT ARTIFICIALLY?
    It’s hard to understand the concept of “leaving Octomom alone” when my taxes go to support her. With the way the economy is right now there’s people losing their entire life savings, houses, jobs. These families scrape the bottom of the barrel to sustain themselves…and Octomom gets a brand new house with a jacuzzi? Angelina Jolie’s support? Her own TV Reality Show? Where’s the justice! I didn’t force her to spawn that many kids.
    Until I see proof that she’s supporting and raising her kids all on her own without support from celebrities or media then you can tell me to leave this lady alone, because she doesn’t think twice about using and abusing tax money from people who’re desperately trying to get-by.
    Sad to see real deserving single moms like you going through life counting on no one else but themselves driven by their love for their kid(s).

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