Stand By Your Man: Tiny and TI

Okay, okay… call me crazy. Delusional maybe? Ghetto? Whatever suits you best. But in all honesty, I have always had a level of respect and admiration for celebrity couple Tiny and TI. While I can’t say they’re my favorite modern day black couple (Obamas at #1 and Will and Jada have my #2 spot on LOCK), I can say they come in strong at about third. Sista girl is engaged to a successful actor and (arguably) the hottest rapper in the game and probably the only one who really has the versatility to turn over a new leaf at any given moment. He is obviously an involved father, influential to both sides of the tracks and the “celebrity alter-ego phase” has never been done with the preciseness as he pulled off with TI vs TIP. Tiny (formerly of the R&B singing sensation Xscape) is a mother of three of her own, plus his other kids for a total of six (wait a minute… y’all ain’t hear me though) SIX!!!! children and still keeping her hands in the entertainment cookie jar. While facing the reality of losing her fiancee for a year and a day, she still hasn’t flinched ONCE and why?? That’s simple.. a year ain’t NOTHIN when you plan to spend forever with your significant other! Home-girl is RIDIN for her man through thick and thin (probably not even worried about a ring or a marriage license) the way Grandma did for Grand-Dad back in the old days and reality is we need more of this type of love in our communities so stop hatin and take notes!! I mean, its been almost 20 years and they’re still together! The woman he lost his virginity to, recorded his entire first album in the basement studio of her crib, the death of a child, rumors, hate and so much more. Tiny was recently quoted by saying:

“I know my man’s heart and because of that I’m going to be everything I need to be for him. Yes, he’s made mistakes, but so have I. If your man stands up for you and is there whenever you need him, then doesn’t he deserve your unconditional love and support? If I know that about my man, then that’s the kind of woman I’m going to be for him. I might need him in different ways than he needs me, but if being his woman means loving, supporting and putting his mind at ease, then the least I can do is step up to the plate and be there for him and our family.”

All in all, a marriage license is not strong enough to make or break your relationship s while there are some ladies running around flipping their hand back and forth talkin bout “put a ring on it”, trying to get someone to label them as “wifey” or “boo” and there are others who are just there simply on the strength of love and respect. That’s what I see in T.I. and Tiny. Girl, stand by your man, handle your business and raise your kids… all else will fall into place.

NOTE: Don’t forget to check out TI’s Paper Trail on iTunes & MTV Reality Show Road to Redemption

Click the “keep reading” link below for more TI (Chelsea Lately, AKOO clothing line, Dead & Gone video, etc)

T.I. reaches us all by one means or another. This is one of the many reasons why we love him!!

TI Speaks to Teens at Georgia Supreme Court

Click the image below to be re-directed to TI’s blog with more info about this event:

TI’s Clothing line A.K.O.O. (A King of Oneself)

Click either image below to find out more about TI’s clothing line:

TI performs at BET’s Rip the Runway:

TI on Chelsea Lately (too funny):

First visit:

Second visit:

Click here for Tickmaster info to attend any of TI’s tour dates through March 2009


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3 Responses to Stand By Your Man: Tiny and TI

  1. Eb says:

    Thats the first time I saw a family pic. Thx for sharing. That one in the black suit looks just like TI.

  2. christina says:

    I love t.i so much i know he will get through all of this. I have the utmost respect for Tiny for sticking by her man and I definitely respect t.t for taking responsibily for what he has done. I just want t.i to know i will be his fan forever no matter what he does and i will be praying fpr. he is such an inspiration to me. he’s just th best i love his swag, his personality he always makes me laugh. Blessing to his family and friends

  3. Tiesha Grasty says:

    Hey my name is Tiesha i am 14 years old and i am the 9th grade and i am doing good so far i just want you to know that (T.I. u are a great rapper, i like u alot and i’m not going to forget u…………. i want you to know that i will be your biggest fan forever no matter what!!! i hope you and your children is doing good too. No matter what i wont forget u and i hope u dont say in jail that long i hope u get ont before then 4real!!! while i hope i get to see you in real life i hpoe i do!!!!!!!!!!!) ok got to go now Peace**** blessing to your Family and Friends**** {love ya}**********!!!!!!!!!!!!

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