The Time is Now: ‘O’-nauguration 2009


“They said this day would never come…”

…but the morning has finally arrived when Dr. King’s dream from 1963 has taken its first breath towards transforming into reality. The spool of change has begun spinning to re-stitch the new America, a new generation of non-separation. For the first time in so very long what lies inside is now of more value than materialism, physical character and other surface characteristics.  This is the day when a man of stature has finally taken the risk to make it “cool” for our youth to buckle their pants and be educated, respectful, family-oriented, determined, inquisitive and amongst all other things… spiritual.  This is a day when color lines are broken, boundaries are destroyed and a new standard is set for our communities to once again respect thy wife and love thy neighbor, to give more than you receive. A pivotal moment that regardless of your creed, color or financial status shall be etched into your memory, world history and our Grandchildrens’ textbooks. When people from coast to coast, continent to continent will be blessed with the ability to see their inner beauty reflected clearly in a leader; whether or not you are able toadmit it!

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A day when the warm, gentle hands of my brothers keepers are able to grasp and intertwine even with cold, outstretched claws and pull them up to mount the ship of hope en route to the promise-land. Never before has a political campaign impacted our world in such a tremendous manner as the Obama race to the White House and your dreams and innermost desires were rekindled simply through the emotion of faith. Our youth have gained a massive understanding of what America is all about and realized that their voices which were once just tiny whispers can have impact and tremendous amounts of power in a world they can now call their own. It is your God-given duty as a parent to allow them this privilege, DO NOT deny their piece of this joy. This is the day that the earth stood still momentarily, trembled beneath our feet, shifted on its axis and spun in a new direction.

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The revolution was not only televised but it was “radiolized”, vocalized, “poeticized”, symphonized and “interneticized”!! It’s a NEW DAY and if it was not intoxicating to you… you must be made of stone. Althought they said this day would never come… it has arrived but the train doesn’t stop here. Plan your route, commit yourself and work diligently towards your purpose in life & your community because (as we clearly saw in this election) we are the change!!

Now Here’s a short recap:

The Arrival, Oaths of Office, Parade to the White House, Inaugural Ball Speech & First Dance and the morning after Church service photos and videos after the jump…

The Arrival:

Biden Oath of Office:

Obama Oath of Office:

Inauguration Speech Parts 1&2:

Parade to the White House:

The Final Inaugural Ball:

The First Dance:

The Morning After Church Service Pts. 1&2:

My MySpace Profile Obama album slideshow:

Photos source:

Video sources: Associated Press and


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