Isn’t It Ironic (dontcha think?)

My quick list of life’s simple pleasures situational ironies…

  • When you’re late to class and almost total your car trying to get there on time just to walk inside the school and realize… you left what you need for class at home
  • You look damned good 29 days per month but the ONE DAY you throw on a du-rag, flip flops and cut-offs to run to the corner store, you see your ex and his new girlfriend, your worst enemy AND a hot guy/girl you’ve been googly-eyeing
  • All the stoplights are red & the driver in front of you don’t know where the HELL they’re going only on the days that you’re  late and in a rush
  • You happen upon great items on sale when you’ve just paid all the bills and you’re dead broke
  • Then when you get extra spending money, you TOTALLY forget about what it was you wanted

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  • When your love life is perfect, your best friend’s is down in the dumps and vice versa
  • Bad-breathed people always talk to you RIGHT up in your face
  • Babies do the most amazing things when no one’s around and you tell your friend allllll about it! Then when they come over you try to get the baby to do it again and the baby looks at you like “WTF you talkin bout?” as your friend gives you the side-eye
  • When you’re still at home and feel like you’re forgetting something, you never are but when you feel like you got it all under control, you forget EVERYthing!!
  • You have a detailed list of goals but when a new significant other asks you what your dreams are, you get tongue tied?
  • You see a commercial for a new entree at your favorite restaurant but when you go again, you order the same thing you ALWAYS eat?
  • Music gives you wings… a real good collection of your favorite tracks on an iPod makes you go that extra mile in the gym knowin’ DAMNED WELL you won’t be able to walk tomorrow?
  • You don’t know whatcha got til its GONE… no, seriously stop laughin

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One Response to Isn’t It Ironic (dontcha think?)

  1. rusty says:

    Your absolutely right 🙂

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