Sexy Back 09: The LIG Ladies List!

As we grow older and the world evolves; our views begin to change also. What was once fun and entertaining begins to be immature and less amusing. Out lifestyles mature, our goals increase, the characteristic we desire in a companion change and so should our personal style. What was sexy on a man or woman at the age of 25 is no longer now that I’m 30! For example, do you ever look at photos you took 5-10 years ago and wonder what the hell possessed you to wear those shoes or fix your hair that way but you can also remember thinking you were SUPER fly when you took the picture? Exactly! I know I have and I’m not ashamed to admit it! Anyway, that is what inspired this blog… to bring light to the styles and attitudes which have raised the bar for the ’09 and to release the death-grip that some of us have on the trends of last year – or in some cases, a couple years before then!

Sexy 2009 is intriguing because it consists of inner and outer sexiness with an equilibrium of classic style and modern day pop culture. Your attitude, diet and the fact that you’re unhappy or lacking confidence will always reflect in your swagger no matter how you think you’ve mastered the facade. Healthy eating and natural living is BACK with a bang and what once was the yellow brick road to sexiness in now paved in GREEN!! Seriously, how many times have you seen a crack-head who really thought they looked good but the signs of wear and tear were obvious to us! Eating right, living drug free, getting your rest and working out regularly are the leading cast of an acne free face, glowing skin and the Colgate smile we all dream of!

So I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of the top 5 style &  fashion hell-no’s for 2009 that I’ve cleverly named the “LIG List” (LIG= let it go). Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not knocking anyone’s style and maybe you don’t see these fashion OMG’s around your way but they do exist in the real world AND online. Let’s start with the LADIES:

5.) THICK-HEELED SHOES. Your shoes are a telltale reflection of you. So if you can’t rock the slim stilettos or kitty heels or (my favorite) ankle boots; slip into some sexy wedges, jazzy sneakers or cute flip flops because those big-heeled-head-knockers are well outdated! Not sure how you can tell if your shoes are outdated? Well, there are two ways, allow me to share my favorite: walk in your shoes on an un-carpeted area such as tile. If your shoes go “clump” or “bump” and not “click” or “tap”, you are wearing the clog-knockers!

So BURN these: and go get this:

4.) BUSHY/HAIRY WOMEN. Okay this went out in the 90’s but some of us just can’t be satisfied like O.J. Simpson. Hairy legs, chin, upper lips, bikini line, toes… hairy ANYTHING on a woman just ain’t right! Trimming is okay but I’m more than positive that your man and nobody else’s man wants to feel like he’s in bed with his DAD! It didn’t work for Ashanti so it is not going to work for you! Besides… rug-burn is a b*tch! Need I say more?

3.) MULTI-COLORED MAKEUP & THE MASK EFFECT. Okay, first tip on makeup is you get what you pay for! You buy cheap, you look cheap. Lighting and sunlight are the ultimate judges of the good, bad and the ugly makeup so be careful what you’re wearing, how much you’re wearing and where you’re going. Now, see those little round sponges and feather brushes right there at the makeup counter? Yeah, those… BUY LOTS OF THEM in all shapes and sizes. They serve the heavenly purpose of blending and although some of us don’t think we need to, the reality is YOU DO ! Blend your eyes, lips and most of all your foundation!! What is the mask affect? This is when you’re wearing makeup and your face is tan but your neck is pale, thus, you look liek you’re wearing a mask. NOT A GOOD LOOK! Nowadays, natural is sexy so more tans and browns, less thick black eyeliner and for Mac’s sake, stop with the red lipstick, black liner and blue eye shadow! Makes me wanna pour bleach in my eyes when I see that. Ugh!!

2.) BRA DRAMA. This is either not wearing a bra when you know damned well you need it or wearing a bra but with a top that you should not wear a regular bra. No, it doesn’t matter if they’re B’s or D’s because little saggy boobs are worse than big saggy ones because if they are big at least you have an excuse! Do NOT wear a full bra with a halter neck tie top! Okay so your Grand mom did and maybe your Mom but you don’t always have to be like them okay? My Grand mom used a dull knife to shave her feet as opposed to a pedicure but you’ll NEVER catch me doin that LOL! Break the generational curse sista! If you need a bra with that sexy tank top, they do make em just for that purpose and even those little nifty adhesive bras that I love will work like a charm! Or you can go for classy sexy and throw on a blazer with it! Most importantly though if your boobs hang lower than your chain, girl please put on a bra before you go outside… dang!

1.) TOO MUCH JEWELRY. An overabundance of large and multi-style jewelry with everything you wear is tacky, tacky, tacky. So you have an X&O set, a herringbone, two rope chains and a Gucci set from 1982? Congratulations and bravo for your rat-packing skills but seriously honey… LET IT GO! It’s a desperate cry for attention and truth of the matter is a woman with a bare neckline, one pair of princess cut diamond stud earrings and a low-cut Bebe sweater MURDERS your style! Fact is style isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality and one tennis bracelet or oversized ring is sexier, looks better and is more classy than everything on the entire left side of your body! And as a side note, please give up those paper thin gold coated jewelry sets, ladies, if it sounds like a bunch of paper clips when you take it off, L.I.G.!!

So there you have it and I could go on and on to talk about the dry dark roots with the silky honey blond weave or those 6″ curled-over fake acrylic terrors or the stank jiggly wanna-be-bowlegged-para-toed hoochie walk and picture pose that screams “I’ll blow your mind for a dime” but that’s another article. Thanks for reading, please comment and I’ll be back to do the guys later!


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One Response to Sexy Back 09: The LIG Ladies List!

  1. Ha Ha says:

    Damn T! I love my chunky heels! Do I really have to let ’em go?!?

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