Is Angelina Jolie a Media Attention Junkie?

Angelina Jolie. When you hear or read that name, what comes to mind? Media frenzy? Adopted children? Paparazzi? Brangelina?

Don’t get me wrong, this blog is not to take anything away from her attractiveness nor her acting ability. She has proven to us time and again that she in a phenomenal actress from Gia to Girl, Interrupted to Lara Croft to Mr. and Mrs. Smith and beyond but unfortunately, I did not quite understand the attraction the media has to her. Until now. According to the New York Times and many other resources, Angelina negotiates with, schedules and welcomes the media and paparazzi to photograph her and her family. In 2003 she offered Us magazine a photo opportunity by informing them of the time and place she would be publicly playing with Maddox in order to achieve a seemingly perfect (yet so staged) paparazzi shot. Not to mention reports that she notified the media of when she would be at the beach with Brad and Maddox only one month after Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s breakup.  She has also been known for speaking about her bi-sexuality and discussing backseat sexcapades with Billy Bob Thornton, wearing a necklace ornamented with dried blood and talking about her fondness for knives. She has sold photos of her adopted son Maddox only in exchange for media coverage of her charity work in Cambodia which has for the most part been done in front of cameras. Although it does not take away from the fact that she does it, it does leave one to speculate her underlying intentions.

I personally am not impressed with the fact that she adopts foreign children when there are so many American children who desperately need homes. This leads me to believe that you’d prefer the title of “Hero” over “Parent” any day. I can’t agree with raking in millions of dollars for photos of your children and even gracing the cover of a magazine while breastfeeding your child but maybe it’s just because I am not a celebrity figure??? I guess playing with or cradling the baby just wasn’t over-the-top enough for Angie.

Here is some common sense for you: if the paparazzi knows that one photo sold for $14 million, obviously this is going to increase their desperation to scramble for pics of you in an attempt to cash in on a piece of future price tags! And if you’re going to be in the eye of the public, the least you could do is hire a hairdresser for Zahara out of the funds you rake in for her pictures. Being a mother of two girls, I would be livid if every photo of my child always caught her on a bad hair day while every strand of mine was in place!

In addition to all this nonsense, Angelina has negotiated restrictions on how and when media can use her photographs and quotes, limiting the usage to only things that reflect positivity but I must play devil’s advocate, people! I mean, why should one be so concerned that they would go to the extent of a contract with media resources? What is there to hide? Angelina said and I quote:

“I live in a bit of a bubble when it comes to people’s perceptions of me, which I’m sure is a very good thing, because I’m sure it’s not always very nice.”

Well, if that is so then why are you signing contracts to keep magazines from doing so?

In closing, I want to state that Angelina’s comment about her and Brad on the set finding love was tasteless, unnecessary, tacky and out of pocket and Brad is a weak ass for retaliating against Jennifer when she responded. I also do not believe the statement was a mere slip of the lip as the media attempted to portray it. As far as I’m concerned, she’s lucky Jennifer has tact and class. But then again what else do we expect from a woman who jump-started her career via her sexuality and later publicly admitting to flirting with a married man. Yes, yes, your children should be very proud. You may be able to sign a contract with the magazines but you can’t sign one with the bloggers Angie! I wish you all the best in your endeavors and health and prosperity to your family but please remember… the blogs are watchin!

Angelina and Billy Bob via People

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3 Responses to Is Angelina Jolie a Media Attention Junkie?

  1. Skye says:

    I think it is quite the opposite. Angelina Jolie does not manipulate the media. They attempt to manipulate her. In the case of the baby pictures, it is an opportunity to donate the fees to charity. Pictures will be taken anyway to be sold for thousands of dollars so why not get the jump on the paparazzi?

    I am tired of hearing of how she was a marriage breaker. That is old, old news and water under the bridge. Everyone has moved on including Jennifer Anniston who has found several love interests since then. The media is the one that keeps dredging up any hint of a “feud.” It takes two to tango and Angelina nor Brad have never said anything negative about Jennifer. In fact, they have said nothing at all.

    Angelina said they fell in love while making a picture. She did not say they were in love nor had an affair. The picture was still making voice overs months after the divorce was final. Maybe they fell in love then. No one knows what really happened except the principal players but that certainly does not stop speculation.

  2. Adrienne says:


    I think Brad Pitt and Angelina are no class white americans with money. Brad Pitt may be a good guy down deep, but the ending of his marriage was a foul move and then to trade in a decent woman for a bi-sexual, freak and ho doesn’ make sense to me. Women need to be careful who they marry, obviously Brad Pitt has another side to him and he revealed it by taking up with Angelina. Jennifer needs to be glad that they did not have a child together which would have made the divorce worse. I hope she finds a respectable older man, marries him and has a beautiful family. Obviously Brad sees something in Angelina because he is not her “husband” he is just a “baby daddy” So there!

  3. Sam says:

    wow they should do it again

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