10 Head to Toe Natural Home Beauty Secrets

1.) Okay first and foremost, their bodies are not that perfect, please remember they are humans too! Those perfect figures are achieved via 2 inexpensive tools that both you and I can afford.  Spanx are slimming, comfortable body shapers, hosiery, intimates, and more that give you that perfect eye-candy firmness from top to bottom! They even have those spiffy footless tights that are soooo in right now! Also double-sided tape is used to make those seemingly impossible dresses and little tops to fit so securely around their breasts.

Spanx 1

Spanx 1

2.) CELLULITE – Your morning coffee grounds will come in handy even after you’ve had that cup of Joe! Cover your bathroom floor with newspaper to avoid making a huge mess and use a loofah to massage warm, used coffee grounds on your cellulite areas slowly in a circular motion towards your heart for about 5 minutes. Lock in body heat by wrapping the area with plastic wrap for a few minutes, shower and repeat once or twice weekly.

3.) FULL LIPS – Want fuller lips? In addition to (or as an alternative to) all the great brands of lip plumping glosses and lipsticks, you can also apply a bit of peppermint extract before stepping out on the town with the girls or with that hot date to increase the blood flow to the lips to produce kissable, sensual, pouty lips!

4.) PEARLY WHITES – For whiter teeth, crushed strawberries and a bit of baking soda will do the trick! Strawberries have gentle cleansing properties that help remove coffee, tea stains and more. In addition to your own dental hygiene routine, 1 tsp baking soda and 1 ripe crushed strawberry on your toothbrush for 5 minutes here and there should achieve those pearly and maintain the paparazzi-ready pearly whites we all dream of!. Oh, keep floss handy to remove strawberry seeds! Also, homemade whitening strips are a perfect substitute for the expensive ones on the shelves at your local drug store! Just use toothpaste and baking soda to form a pasty substance, spread on a piece of aluminum foil and cover your teeth with the foil. Leave it for an hour and brush teeth thouroughly afterwards. Repeat this twice a week.

5.) SOFTER SKIN/FEET – For softer skin, believe it or not, Vaseline is your BEST FRIEND! not only is it good for the skin, elbows, knees and even your face but also between pedicures to keep your tootsies snuggly smooth! After a shower or soaking your feet in warm water, exfoliate with wet sugar (or a lemon and epsom salt mix), rinse, then apply a generous amount of Vaseline to your feet, wrap in plastic wrap, put on socks and its off to bed! Do this Vaseline wrap every night before bed and you should notice results in a week or less!

6.) PIMPLES/FACE – Ugly, painful pimple growing in? Blast it with a dap of toothpaste to dry it out and zap that zit. Use this sparingly and most doctors recommend this as a temporary quick fix, NOT as a facial mask. Know your skin or consult with your dermatologist because if you have sensitive skin, this may not work well for your skin type! Not to mention, steaming your face will open the pores and loosen debris before skin cleansing at home. Boil a pot of water and remove from stove, and add a bit of mint, chamomile and rosemary and once it lowers to a temperature you can stand, drape a towel over the back of your head and hold your face at a safe and comfortable distance from the pot until the steam dissipates. Repeat twice weekly.

7.) HAIR – Soft, silky, shiny hair and olive oil go hand in hand. Warm olive oil repairs and strengthens damaged hair and nourishes your roots and ends regardless of the texture or hair type. Apply warm olive oil to clean, wet hair and massage into scalp, wrap your hair firmly in a shower cap plastic bag and let it sit for 20-30 minutes, rinse and shampoo as usual.

8.) HEALTHIE R NAILS – Okay ladies, fake acrylic colorful nails with diamonds and decorations are soooo 80’s-90’s and healthy, natural nails are BACK! Massage vitamin E cream into nail beds and cuticles and regular manicures will tame and restore your nails over time and by all means, STOP BITIN EM!

9.) SMILE! – Happiness produces beauty. If you can’t be yourself and achieve a happier, vivrant and free you, how can you be attractive? Confidence and self-love really goes a long way no matter your age, sex, race, size or imperfections! If you don’t love you some you, who else will?!

10.) DRINK UP, EAT UP, SLEEP UP! – In closing, the best secret is to drink plenty water and get your rest. As hard as it is for some of us to accept, endless beauty radiates from the inside out! Don’t forget to drink 8 ounces of water daily to cleanse toxins from your body, eat your raw veggies, get your 7-8 hours of rest and stay away from processed foods or else all this hard work and dedication will go in vain!



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5 Responses to 10 Head to Toe Natural Home Beauty Secrets

  1. Elin says:

    I certainly love my Spanx and I love my new favorite shaping find as well…. Slimpressions! Such a great concept – premium shapers for the TOP half of a woman’s body (jelly belly, back fat and ARM FLAB!) Fashion + function! Love it! They are long; sit on the hips so they stay in place. I got the “Haves” from slimpressions.com but saw that herroom.com has free shipping. I’ll be getting the “have Nots” there.

  2. make up tips says:

    The coffee on cellulite is something, i have been seeing this doing round for some time, but does it have any side effects…say if used too long and the toothpaste and baking soda stuff for teeth whitening is a great tips…thanks keep it going

  3. Steam Shower says:

    Steam showers are also a great way of steaming out harmful particles from your face to help with your complexion.

  4. ZaThinker says:

    I often wonder what will happen to the guys who get to see the real jelly belly, back fat and ARM FLAB body once its time to remove those Spanx fittings…

    At the end of the day no matter what you do, you know your real jelly belly, back fat and ARM FLAB body… and No matter of hiding and faking is going to change the fact that you have a jelly belly, back fat and ARM FLAB…

    So best option dont mess your self up in the first place eat the right food exercise and stay healthy…
    If you are already fat then start quitting the things that have made you fat in the first place…

    Be what you are, if you really need genuine people in your life who are not shallow who will definitely love you the way you are… so stop hiding and faking…

    • Queen Unique says:

      Thanks for your comment ZaThinker! But in many cases its not really about attracting a guy, some women like to feel sleek in their clothing (specifically after having a baby) and while I don’t have these problems & am an advocate of eating right and working out, once in awhile, there’s nothing wrong with faking it til you make it! Although this is the best way to get there, I’m in no position to knock the ones who chose these options so go for what you know ladies! 🙂

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