Top Five Reasons Why I Support Barack Obama

1.) Barack Obama’s policies meet and exceed MY PERSONAL NEEDS not only to help the economy by reversing the “trickle-down theory” which has failed us miserably for the past eight years but this will also open the doors for my children and I to become even more educated and opportunities to work harder and transition from Managers to CEOs. I agree with his policies for education due to the fact that it emphasizes the importance of Early Childhood Education, pinpoints both Math and Science as priorities, offers extended learning and will provide the necessary reform for the No Child Left Behind Act. The Obama-Biden plan offers well-deserved Teacher rewards, Teacher Service Scholarships, Teacher Mentor Programs (which pairs new teachers with seasoned educators for mentoring) and and more that will help secure and maintain the best teachers for our schools! The plan focuses on taking the proper measures to decrease drop-out rates, offers more grants for college bound students and encourages parental involvement which is VITAL!! Being part of a family affected by Autism; his desire to provide necessary educational opportunities for the disabled, end discrimination and increase independent community based living for Americans with disabilities is a personal interest of mine. Obama wants to increase Homeland Security at the airports and on land, END THE WAR and redirect the focus to the fight with terrorists who stole 2,974 innocent lives on 9/11!! This is LONG OVERDUE PEOPLE and being that there is an average of four people per family this means there is still over 11,896 people with NO CLOSURE to this day!! I could go on and on about his policies in detail but I said this would be a short blog so feel free to email me for more.

2.) I value my family’s future so I could never bring myself to vote for a candidate who did not display the family values that I was so searching for in a leader. Barack Obama represents true fatherly values through his unabashed display of love, appreciation and affection for his children and wife. We need to see that and this is long overdue since the Cosby Show people! This man reflects a glaring ray of hope that could redirect the path of our youth and eventually reverse the negative impact which the media and hip hop has brain-washed our children with for so long. In all honesty, many of us lack the necessary togetherness and strength in our families and communities and this man shows that he is not only an incredible husband but an encouraging and loving father who is not afraid to have a soft spot for his family. If entertainers can make clothing lines and clubs famous, why can’t the President do the same for love and family values? Go Obama!!!

3.) The positive impact of the relentless, honest and clean campaign Obama ran for 21 months is UNDENIABLE. The Obama campaign is the very first in the history of the United States to motivate this number of people across the whole nation consisting of all ages, races, ethnicities and beyond to actively participate in something that was NEVER this popular! He made politics cool for our teens and exciting for our kids! The look on my daughter’s faces were PRICELESS when was elected!! They beam with pride when they see his family doing everyday activities that they can easily relate to! The crowds at his speeches are undeniably the BEST representation of America as a melting pot in its every aspect! The feeling you get from watching Barack Obama is undeniable!

4.) Because Bush has fucked it up for Republicans. Simple.

5.) Because he is a proud BLACK man and I support that! Damn right I said it!!!! Are you surprised? DON’T BE. He is unashamed of his race and his choice to represent himself as the 50% portion of his ethnicity that could have potentially ruined him is a BOLD move and should be respected as well as the unity and support we have for our own culture. This campaign brought many of us back together and in some cases even jump-started a lost sense of pride. I will NOT allow any mortal man to make me ashamed of supporting MY PEOPLE… when other cultures stick together no one questions that! But I guess as long as blacks are against each other all is well but the very moment we join hands and unite, it becomes unacceptable and inappropriate?! In addition, I read his books and he unabashadely discussed his private family business and an upbringing that the average political figure would give their right arm and kill in cold blood to keep hidden from the public! Even in cases that we did find out they would either deny it, not take full responsibility for it or just refuse to address it while closing their eyes tightly in hopes that it would just disappear. Kinda like the monster under a kid’s bed, ya know?


So there you have it, the top five reasons why Obama had my unshakable and confident support for the past 900+ days. He will continue to receive the same until the negatives by far outweigh the positives (because NO MORTAL MAN is perfect) and we demand that America gives him the chance to play this position to his fullest potential. Oh and I DARE you to challenge me on #5 because I will be more than happy to give you my top five reasons why I DID NOT support Al Sharpton in 2004 LOL!

Regardless of the bitter attitudes and regrets of Republicans worldwide; Barack Obama is indeed OUR new President-Elect and he has secured this by a huge landslide. Put your petitions and your Impeach Obama signs away and give the man a chance. If you truly do believe he is going to fail, why not relax and allow fate to do its job the way you did with Bush? Although this is an AMERICAN President; it cannot be denied that the dream of Dr. King in 1963 has finally come true in 2008. You’re right, this isn’t ONLY a black achievement but we will not stand back and allow you to deny our well-deserved shift in African American History! You see, race played an influential factor for you all along so don’t go contradicting yourself now! Victory and opportunity is wide open to us all and it is our choice to either sit on our asses and throw it all away or pursue and work just as hard as Mr. Obama. I choose the latter. Thank you and have a blessed four year term.

Obama-Biden ‘12


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